Here is a letter I received via my primary website that I find very useful. I am happy to post my reply here as I am sure the answer will help future clients be more familiar with the kinds of psychic readings I offer.
The Question:
Question about me and my husbands career/having a family future:
“I was told that I was going to be changing jobs/careers and I have so many things I could do but I don’t know what I should do or what I would be good at and be happy at. I was wondering if you have the ability to answer questions about the future. Thanks for your time.”

I will answer the easiest question first. I am able to see the future under certain circumstances. Every reader is different in style & method. I prefer to show my clients the future outcome of decisions they make or actions they take, rather than telling them what will “happen next”.

It may be easier just to say that I am a “Question Specific Reader” which means that I am able to see the future outcome of actions, events, decisions. I am also able to help you find the best path to accomplish your goals. I have published an in-depth article on the subject of
psychic questions and answers that you find useful to review.

In the case of the question above, where the writer is not sure which career direction to take, then I can offer some assistance. The best way to address the question above is to break it into parts. For example, I have so many things I could do but I don’t know what I should do is best answered by first asking ” Show me the outcome of choosing a new career as____________.”

My hope would be that as the writer has many things she is good at, and many choices to make, that she would ask to see the outcome of starting a career in a field that she finds interesting, that makes her happy, that offers her a sense of purpose.

I encourage all clients to remove the word “should” from their questions. I do believe we are all placed here with gifts to offer the world, that part of our purpose in life is to shine, to be the best people we can be, to do as much good as is possible, and on that path, we will find happiness.

It is also possible to ask “Show me the best path to happiness and success.” This is not an uncommon question at all. In fact, this question opens the door to all sorts of information that the seeker may find helpful. After the seeker asks that kind of question, I then ask the seeker to concentrate on the things that make him or her feel alive, satisfied, and useful.. whether those choices are known money makers or not. Often, it is what we love to do that is what we are “here to do.”

As I have mentioned in other posts, it is easiest to accurately see the future of decisions we make for ourselves. I am able to answer questions about loved ones, and their futures when the question is “Show me the best way to help my ___family member ___ find success.” or “Show my the best way to parent my child at this time.”.

While these questions may seem very general, they are the kinds of questions that open the door to see all that we may see to benefit your loved one. When seeing the future for others, I advise my clients that the minds of people are like the wind, easily changed. As it does matter very much to me that you receive a good reading, and that I answer your questions as accurately as possible, I will always encourage you to ask questions about things over which you have some control.

Thank you so much for your kind attention to this letter & my reply. I hope it is helpful.

Ann George


2 thoughts on “Questions to Ask a Psychic

  1. I think its great that people can get great help and advice through the internet. These are sorts of questions everyone has but always afraid to ask.

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