Am I clairvoyant?

I received this email from a visitor to my site. As the question is not uncommon, I am posting my reply in this blog in hopes that the answer will help others.

“Weird things have been happening to me for years. I really need to put a name to the experiences  I  have been going through.  Sometimes I can see people that I know in my dreams and they might be going through a tragedy. I  can see them cryng and see exactly what they are wearing. The same people would come to my house the same day dressed just like in my dream crying because of a tragedy.  These are just a few of the things that I have been going throug for years. If you could tell me if you ever heard of this please explain it to me.”

Please first let me include a link to the topic of clairvoyance from Wikipedia. Clicking this link will take you to a page that offers a very good overview of clairvoyance in general. For an actual definition of clairvoyance,  I include a link to the term from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Interestingly, another dictionary offers a similar definition with the preface, the “supposed” ability… so there does exist skepticism in print.

Thus, according to accepted definitions of the term, the author of this email is describing clairvoyant experiences.  Sometimes, the underlying question in e-mails like this one, and I do receive these kinds of letters regularly, is not at all about psychic or clairvoyant ability, nor about lucid dreaming, but rather the underlying question is: ” Am I loosing my mind?” or “Why is this happening to me?”

The first question, if it is a real concern should be asked of a qualified mental health professional… which I am not. However I am able to say that there really are many gifted people who have all kinds of lucid dreams, prophetic visions, pre-cognitions and do just fine.. function, pay bills, raise families and lead what American culture defines as successful productive lives. It is my pleasure and honor to know many gifted people.

As to the why of the gift, that answer is really quite a personal one, and best asked of a professional reader in a private session. Some people propose that there is a genetic abnormality that enables some people to be more sensitive. Quantum psychics offers fabulous and I think very useful insights into the power of mind. Some think the ability is just a common blessing that is the result of proper spiritual conduct from past lives.

I am happy to write more on this issue over time, or to engage in an online discussion if others care to post questions. I will reply as I am able. I hope this post is of some benefit.

With best regards,

Ann George