Removing spirits and ghosts from the home.

I will answer this question in blog format as many people write me about this issue.

“I just need to talk to real person about things happing around my house. I have a child and I am sure this ghost is also a child, about the same age as my daughter. For some reason this ghost wants my child to go with her. I want this thing removed from my home but not sure how to go about it or how cleanse my home. I read something about a sage brush to light and take thru house with windows open not even sure where to get such a thing. Someone please help me !!!!!!!!!!! Im desperate to remove this thing.”

My first reply was a list of links to articles I have already published on my site that are relevant House Blessing, smudging and energy field work in general. Here is that list for your review:
Principles of Energy Healing
House Blessing and Smuding
Disturbances in the Energy Field
My purpose in posting these links is to offer a basic introduction to some of the metaphysic principles concerns like this raise. I wish I could quickly post an answer to this concern.. however the topic itself raises so many issues that I will publish a reply over several posts.
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