Negative Energy in the Home – when to move

I am happy to answer this question from a visitor to my site and hope the answer is to others:

” Hi,
I hope this won’t seem strange to you but I have a question. I am psychic and my 15 yr. old daughter is. For many years living in this home, I feel I am absorbing negative energy. My daughter came to me crying and said she hates being here,she gets bad feelings.I have always hated being here also.

Since we are psychic we pick up all energies, good and bad. Please tell me what to do to get rid of this negative energy in this home. It is affecting me and my daughter. I have had priest bless but I don’t think that will help. I was told I have a vortex in my home. Anything you can tell me will help.
Thank you.”

This note really contains two questions in one. Other posts on this site, as well as links out to other articles, address some of the issues of psychic self-defense, cleansing the home of unwanted negative energies and other issues of psychic self-protection. Today, I am able to suggest that sometimes, the best decision is simply to move.

There are times when homes become negative. This can occur slowly over a period of time, or be a direct result of an incident. Really, the changes can occur subtly over a perion of time, or a negative vortex can simply manifest.

These are the moments when the best decision is to leave that environment, and seek another that feels more comfortable. There is no defeat in relocation, and often many blessings.

I close with best wishes for joy on your journey.

Ann George