I have received a few more e-mails from people now willing to explore their own psychic abilities. So as not to repeat myself, let me first refer to a previous post on this topic, “ Am I Clairvoyant”.

Here is one letter just received:

I was wondering how to deveolpe my psychic ability. When i was about 6 or 7 years old, I started seeing strange “people” around places but i knew they were not alive. I told my mother about this and she sent me to the counsler at school. But when I told my grandfather, he told me that psychic abilities run in his side of the family. Later on my cousin started having the same experiences. Sometimes I have the feeling that something is going to happen, like a phone call, then seconds later it’s that person. Also, when my cousin & I are together it seems that it becomes much more srtonger. We have seen what we belive to be spirits. I hope you will find your time to help us.

Thank you.”

This question is quite straight forward & relatively easy to answer. First of all, a family member is validating that psychic ability runs in the family. In my experience, that is consulting with many people seeking to understand their own clairvoyant talents for over ten years, the gift seems to run along family lines. If one or more ancestors were gifted with second sight, it is reasonable that the writer is as well.

That the psychic ability seems more powerful when two gifted people are together speaks to a known metaphysical truth.. the more people seeing together, praying together, drumming together – the more powerful the experience will be.

The world is an energetic phenomenon, insubstantial, vibrating, ever changing. Some people are better able to sense the trembling of the interconnectedness of things.. to feel wings of the butterfly if you will.

The development of these abilities is very personal, and there is no way an e-mail can be of much use. I will reply with the standard suggestions I offer most who come to consult me about this matter.

First – you must be able to interpret your own experiences. To best accomplish that, it is critical to keep a journal of all psychic or paranormal events when they occur. Knowing the date, time and place as well as the particulars of an experience, such a seeing a spirit, or “knowing” when the phone will ring, can help you get in touch with the rhythm of your own gift.

Second – it is often useful to find a group of like-minded individuals to help you with your skills. Many towns have a metaphysical church, a spiritualist church, or meditation group. You might find a “meet up” online in your area. It is best to have help, if only to have a support group so that you don’t feel alone.

Third – please find a path. Some are drawn to Tarot, other to Hermetics, some to Eastern Philosophies and still others to Wicca. What ever path has heart, that calls your name… that is the path to follow.

Fourth – please abstain from the use of mood & mind altering substances. This will help keep you clear, orderly in mind, and more ethical in conduct.

I have collected a reading list to give a good overview of works I find reliable. Take a moment to review the titles and authors listed here.

I will post answers to a similar question in the paranormal section of this blog in the very near future. Thank you for your kind attention to my post.


One thought on “Psychic Development Questions & Answers

  1. Hi my name is Esteban,

    Since last year i have been experiencing very stong thoughts and it concerns about the cosmic world. But i cannot make one clear assumption out of it. It continues on the border of being a frenzy in my min . Its like impressions become to strong at a point for me and this is when i start writing ..it comes out like a abundance of information . Things that seem to make sense at first but later none at all..
    I dont know what to make of it ..sometimes the thoughts in my mind are very calm , soothing it seems but they can turn angy too.. I feel like i am two persons in one , the artistic who is drawn to things he never understands and the reasonable one.

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