Thinking of Silvia Browne 

My value system is such that readings are private experiences, best done in a calm and sacred space. Many clients have powerful reactions to a session, whether joyful or tearful, so I do keep tissue on hand. I am very comfortable allowing people to process joy, grief, sorrow, regret and that painful validation when we all realize we were “right” all along.

I was thinking of a television program, now off the air. The host was one of the first to have a professional psychic as his guest. I thought this was a brave move on his part, I was interested and watched the program from time to time when she was a guest.

Regardless of our differences in style, she & I both face (now faced as she has died) the same kind of rigorous scrutiny and sometimes unreasonable expectation when it comes to our answers to questions.

I remember one show in particular where the medium was asked one of those “trick” quesitons people ask from time to time. (I find the “trick question” hurtful and unnecessary.)

A woman from the television audience stood up and asked the medium a question about the death of her husband. She asked “How did my husband die?”.

The answer was “He drowned.” From watching, the psychic seemed to look/listen for a moment, and without hesitation gave her answer.

Next – the argument/trickster portion began. The woman from the audience told the psychic that her husband was killed in a national disaster that took the lives of thousands. She knew when and where her husband died. She also insisted the he could not have drowned.

As the woman knew when and where her husband died, I am really not sure why she asked the question. Perhaps she wanted the medium to tell her what she (the seeker) already knew and thus prove herself a legitimate medium.

Perhaps the widow wanted to know if her husband was thinking of his wife when he died, perhaps the window wanted to know his last thoughts? Perhaps she was worried that he was killed when a beam fell on him, if he burned to death, if he were crushed, if he were trapped for hours in rubble, if he fell, if he died during an act of heroism ……..  I really don’t why she wanted that answer, but I am very sorry for her loss.

What was remarkable was that the widow insisted that it was impossible for her husband to have drowned. The medium did not waiver, she did not retract her statement nor did she amend it in any way.  She “saw” the death occurred by drowning.

The host did his best to try to calm the situation as the widow became increasing agitated and confrontational.  I feel sure they went to commercial.

If you don’t believe people can see the future or connect with spirits of the dead, then please don’t go for reading. There are others in line who have used the services of mediums, psychic, seers and mystics for decades with good result.

All those who consult responsibly know that it is not possible for any one psychic to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. The disbelieving, the jealous, and the “trickster” seekers seem all to happy to pounce and cry “fraud” when a reader in the public eye falls short… or seems to do so.

I do not second guess the reading of another professional consultant. It did not take a medium to see that it was absolutely reasonable that any number of people died by drowning during that incident. It was a terrible time.*

As well, the “how” of it  was most likely not what the widow really needed to know to find peace. That question may have been the first question to come to her there, under the studio lights, surrounded by strangers, on national television…. and once asked, her grief most likely made any answer other than the one she hoped for unacceptable.

Yet the public jumped on that moment to name the psychic a fraud. They jumped to agree that drowning was the wrong answer. Shaming occurred. The reader did not waver, nor apologize. She was asked a question, answered and was ready to take the next question.

This kind of detachment is critical. A professional seer in this new world of social media, tweets and public rating systems, must be ready to be judged, ridiculed, vilified, and slandered by people he or she may never have even consulted.

A really good reader in my opinion, is going to tell you the truthful answer to your question as best he or she can. If you want to make the most out of your session, then please come and put all your cards on the table.
As well, remember that the best readings are the ones where you are asking to see your future, to receive guidance about what you can do to make your life, your world, or your family happier and healthier if possible.

Hopefully, this article will help some people have a bit more kindness and understanding for those who choose to work as what they are….. mediums, psychics, and seers. Those people who have given their lives to this calling (or curse) have no reason to seek to do harm, make mistakes, or in any way give less than honest answers.

Those who are in private practice, some for decades, often have sacrified a good deal to do this work. Many charge affordable fees, work six or seven days a week, and do their best to be of service. If an ethical reader really cannot “see” for you, most all will know that within minutes of your conversation and be glad to refund your payment.

Ever client and every reader are not a match. I have written many articles over the years to help you have a good reading. As this post my illustrate, the question you ask is very important. Tips to ask useful questions are here.

I hope this post is helpful,

Ann George

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* Large scale disasters such as earthquakes and & tornadoes cause chaos and in that chaos drowning becomes possible. I feel rather horrible and morbid as investigating the validity of the mediums answer leads only to a growing list of the many ways drowning can occur.  I won’t go on about that.


Psychics & love readings • Notes from a professional clairvoyant consultant.

“But in the last reading you said…….. “

There are several areas of life where people are very attached to the answer they received in their last reading. One of these is a love reading. A person in love is often very attached to a reading where the outcome reveals that the person they care for will return to them, or that the relationship can be healed.

Sometimes, a reader can see that a former lover will be receptive to a relationship change, and sometimes a reader can see that if the forsaken partner takes a certain approach in courting the lost love, then that method will be the one most likely to woo the lover back.
However, these kinds of question, the kind in which the question is dependent on the other such as:

“Show me the outcome of waiting for my “ex” to return to me.” which is the best way to ask

  • “Will my lover come back to me.”

or again:

“Show me the outcome of reuniting with my former lover”, which is the best way to ask the questions:

  • “Does he/she really love me?” or
  • “Can we make it work?” or
  • “Is he/she thinking of me?”.

are the most difficult for an ethical seer to answer. Why?

The condition of the lover.

In part because often the seeker feels desperate and is emotionally willing to sacrifice their best interest to have the person they want “back in their life”. The seeker comes to the session “off center.”

As well, the former lover is not present. I believe it is energetically rude to invade the space of a person who may not be open to a reading. If your lover is no longer active in your life, if they have moved away from you, if they are in another relationship, it is more difficult o accurately see the future of a coupling that is yet to be.
As well, in romance, people may have love, hate, indifference, anger, and frustration for you all in the same hour while they are recovering from your relationship.

A good reader can “see” all these conflicted emotions your ex is having at the moment you ask, yet because that person is in their own emotional turmoil the best answer may be “I cannot see a clear answer to your question at this time.”

As well, it is possible your lover was never sincere in the first place!  You may have been deeply moved and have very strong loving feelings, your ex may not have had the same experience.

(Please note, if you are dating a married person, regardless of how often they promise that a divorce is on the horizon, the likelihood of your lover leaving a spouse for you is slender at best.)

If your partner has left your relationship and moved on to another relationship rather quickly, most would take this as an indication that the partner was not heavily invested in their relationship with you.

I do understand that you are in pain. Many times we have to watch our former lover choose a relationship we feel is dangerous or destructive and we want that partner to agree with us! To do what we think is right and best……… which is to return to our loving arms.

The important thought to hold is this: The world is constantly coming.

The last reading you had may have provided clarity, insight and direction. You may have made subtle internal changes in your understanding of things. You may have come to some realizations or some decisions.

An analogy:

If you take your temperature and have a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, your doctor will advise you to bring that fever down to the body normal of 98.6 degrees as soon as possible.  If you fail to follow the advice of your doctor and continue to allow the fever to run then either

  • the fever will burn itself out while you suffer or
  • you will have seizures, convulsions, grow progressively worse from the infection or illness causing the fever.

Clearly treating the fever is the most healthy choice.

In a similar way, regardless of your decisions as a result of a reading, the next time you consult a reader of any kind, your life will be different from it was last session. The lives of your friends, family and loved ones will also be different because the illusion of linear time keeps things moving forward.

Therefore, it is best to be flexible and open when seeking answers about loving relationships. If last reading all was going well, things were on the mend, and then you became impatient, you had a blow up, you confronted your partner and demanded change, then you will have taken an action that negates the pleasant outcome we last saw unfolding in your last session.

Free Will & the Role of the Seer

You always have free will. You can choose to have a reading, disregard the answers revealed, and go on to do what you feel is best. When I do a reading of the Akashic Record for you, my responsibility is to tell you what I see.

I am not giving advice, I am answering your question. Recently I had a client send a note to try to “argue” the answers received during a session, as if I personally had given the answer.

This is not the case. To be the best at what I do – which is seeing the past, present or future as you require, the MOST important action I take is to get out of the way. My personal values, opinions, and preferences are not relevant. I leave “myself” behind when I read.

For one thing – if I have my own intellect engaged, it is very difficult to “see.” This is one of the reasons I don’t remember what I said in the last session. “I” am never really there. “I” am the gatekeeper to the Akashic. (I am open to other descriptors.)

It is rather like being a messenger, or last century, a Telegram Delivery Person. We don’t read the message, we just bring it to you.

In this way – it is not helpful to try to ask a different question to get a different answer. If the answer is “No.” then no matter how you approach the question, how many angles you work to “see” if you have a future with someone, the answer will seldom if ever change.

Moments In Time

All readings are based on the moment in time of the asking. Your state of mind, your intention, your distress all affect your future and the way you will interact with others relevant to your questions.

I realize this post should really be a podcast, and I may well post one soon. However, this topic is on my mind as I have done a few readings recently were the seeker seemed to really hope for an answer which as different from the one I was able to give.

To help provide insight to those clients, insight I don’t have time to provide when working, I have written this article.
As I have been in private practice for 20 years, I am fortunate to have the trust and custom of clients from many parts of the world. I am multi-culturally fluent, and hope to be of service to you as you see fit.

To schedule a consultation, please call my Studio at 904-993-7466.

For more information about my services, please visit my website.

Thank you for your attention,

Ann George

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Mediumship • Connecting with Suicide

I realize this is a very sensitive and difficult article to read if you have lost a loved one to suicide. If you are still in pain, are hurt, angry or feeling guilt or blaming, then it may be best for you to read this blog at a later time.

I am writing about mediumship & suicide because recently I have had several clients come to me seeking more information, closure, and sometimes connection to loved ones who have committed suicide or who appear to have done so.

I have a PodBean about Mediumship work in general for those who come seeking that service. I feel it is very important for me to be clear with all my clients about what I am able to do, and to provide more information about mediumship for those who have never had a session with a clairvoyant person.  Please listen to the podcast on the topic of mediumship in general for an overview.

This is just a short post in response to several readings I have done lately. In one case, my client said they felt as if it was somehow wrong to seek clarity about a suicide. In my experience, which is only 20 years of professional service (I am sure there are more experienced readers who may disagree with me) seeking closure, clarity, insight with a loving heart and a pure motive is not wrong.

The intent we bring to a session is critical. My intention is to be of service, to honestly answer any question asked, and to tell the truthful answer to the question no matter what the answer may be. I do not judge, I do not give advice, and I do not remember the details of a session once it is over.

It is my experience that when those who seek to and do connect with their loved ones, even those who chose to end their lives, this act can cause the release of many emotions for the seeker. Afterwards clients often express relief, and report they feel validated, that they feel as if what they thought was true was indeed accurate.

This kind of experience seems to allow people to let go and move on with greater clarity. (I do remember what people say after the session is over.) Most are very grateful to have had that moment of connection with their lost person.

As well, for those who left this world by their own actions, the chance to “speak to” or to “be present with” their grieving family member seems to provide a relief. Many times those who have left their bodies want to comfort the living. Many times they have messages, insights, and want to help with the healing process.
It would not be useful for me to go into greater detail about this topic as this is a very sensitive issue, and my purpose is only to offer my insight that asking to connect with a loved one from a pure heart is not wrong.

Ann George

(I am not a licensed mental health counselor and do not pretend to be one. I am a clairvoyant person who has been in service over 20 years. As such, I can share my experience and hope this post is helpful.)

Questions to Ask a Psychic

Here is a letter I received via my primary website that I find very useful. I am happy to post my reply here as I am sure the answer will help future clients be more familiar with the kinds of psychic readings I offer.
The Question:
Question about me and my husbands career/having a family future:
“I was told that I was going to be changing jobs/careers and I have so many things I could do but I don’t know what I should do or what I would be good at and be happy at. I was wondering if you have the ability to answer questions about the future. Thanks for your time.”

I will answer the easiest question first. I am able to see the future under certain circumstances. Every reader is different in style & method. I prefer to show my clients the future outcome of decisions they make or actions they take, rather than telling them what will “happen next”.

It may be easier just to say that I am a “Question Specific Reader” which means that I am able to see the future outcome of actions, events, decisions. I am also able to help you find the best path to accomplish your goals. I have published an in-depth article on the subject of
psychic questions and answers that you find useful to review.

In the case of the question above, where the writer is not sure which career direction to take, then I can offer some assistance. The best way to address the question above is to break it into parts. For example, I have so many things I could do but I don’t know what I should do is best answered by first asking ” Show me the outcome of choosing a new career as____________.”

My hope would be that as the writer has many things she is good at, and many choices to make, that she would ask to see the outcome of starting a career in a field that she finds interesting, that makes her happy, that offers her a sense of purpose.

I encourage all clients to remove the word “should” from their questions. I do believe we are all placed here with gifts to offer the world, that part of our purpose in life is to shine, to be the best people we can be, to do as much good as is possible, and on that path, we will find happiness.

It is also possible to ask “Show me the best path to happiness and success.” This is not an uncommon question at all. In fact, this question opens the door to all sorts of information that the seeker may find helpful. After the seeker asks that kind of question, I then ask the seeker to concentrate on the things that make him or her feel alive, satisfied, and useful.. whether those choices are known money makers or not. Often, it is what we love to do that is what we are “here to do.”

As I have mentioned in other posts, it is easiest to accurately see the future of decisions we make for ourselves. I am able to answer questions about loved ones, and their futures when the question is “Show me the best way to help my ___family member ___ find success.” or “Show my the best way to parent my child at this time.”.

While these questions may seem very general, they are the kinds of questions that open the door to see all that we may see to benefit your loved one. When seeing the future for others, I advise my clients that the minds of people are like the wind, easily changed. As it does matter very much to me that you receive a good reading, and that I answer your questions as accurately as possible, I will always encourage you to ask questions about things over which you have some control.

Thank you so much for your kind attention to this letter & my reply. I hope it is helpful.

Ann George

General Readings? My response.

I recently received an excellent letter from someone interested in ordering a psychic reading. As I think the questions raised are good ones, and the answers of benefit to others, I will publish parts of the letter along with my replies.

Question: “Do you give just a general reading? I have talked to other psychic’s and they did not give a very good reading. It was a lot of could be and possibly, nothing was accurate. ”

My reply: I don’t give general readings as a rule. I am a question specific reader. The rationale for this reading preference is published in another article.

It is my experience that the question you ask influences the answer you receive. The more specific the question, the more likely it is that you will receive an accurate answer. Now, I must qualify this by noting that the most useful questions, those most accurately answered questions, are those about areas of life over which you have some control.

If you are asking for predictions about the behaviors, choices, feelings or future actions of others, these kinds of questions can be accurately answered, but often not as accurately as those questions you might ask about yourself, your choices, your decision and the outcome of your actions.

It is possible for my readers to accurately predict the effect of your actions on others.

As we look to predicting, or “seeing” the outcome of world events, stock markets, wars, famines, and natural disasters, all of these can be forseen, sometimes with what seems to be amazing detail. However, the bigger the picture and the greater number of moving parts, the more difficult it is even for highly experienced professionals to be exceptionally accurate.

I am able to provide accurate answers to questions about matters over which you have some control. For example, the outcome of your decisions, actions, choices, and movements. So, I do give answers to specific questions.

Question: ” How does your service work? What if I make an appointment and something comes up and I cannot contact you at that time, do I lose everything?”

My Reply: I work by appointment. First we schedule your session by phone or email. Once your appointment time is set, you pre-pay for your session using PayPal. If you are unable to keep your appointment, I am happy to reschedule. I strongly prefer that you call to reschedule as soon as you know you can’t keep your appointment.

There is no loss of payment if you need to reschedule. However, I do limit the number of reschedules to two. All sales are final, so I do not give refunds regardless of the outcome of the reading.

Most professional readers will provide an ethics page or a value statement for your review. An article about my values as a professional consultant is on line entitled “My Commitement To You”.

I am fortunate that over the years my clients have taken time to share their testimonials about my services. Another article that many clients find useful, and other readers or their website designers have plagerized often, is called “The benefits of psychic reading.

A General Question About Psychic Readings

Psychic ReadingsI received an email from a client who asked a very important question. I am reprinting part of that note (edited so as to provide a general question & not to reveal personal information) as a prelude to my reply.

“Three things you told me were the same or very similar to what I have been given by another clairvoyant. Basically I would like to know if the three things that were very similar to what I had been given by the other psychic (who also has a very good reputation) were somehow picked up in my mind / aura/ subconcious, /wishful thinking etc.; or do you think it is because it is confirmation of what I have been given in July in my reading with her? I hope this question is comprehensible and that maybe you could give me a quick reply.”

I feel this question must be answered several times to address all the issues raised. I will begin with what seems the most obvious answer. When two psychics “see” or “predict” the same thing.. this is a very good indication that the information you are receiving is accurate. We must also take the following metaphysical point of view to make this statement valid:

The future is in large part a consequence of actions taken in the past & decisions made in the present. If each psychic is asked about the same matter within a short period of time (that being several weeks.. or perhaps several months) and the client is continuing to live as he or she was when the first reading was given, then it is reasonable that the first future seen will be similar to the second future seen.

It is necessary to clarify the matter of the “information” which is available in the subconscious (picked up in my mind / aura/ subconscious, /wishful thinking etc.) A good reader will be able to “see” or to “know” things that one might think can only be known by oneself. However, this ability does not negate the co-created future each of us makes possible every moment of every day.

It can be said the psychic is reading the Akashic Record.. the great ocean of possibility. One’s hopes and dreams are as much a part of this ocean as are the hopes, dreams and actions of others. Possibilities, opportunities, events and conditons are all in constant interaction.. in play if you will.

I have attempted to publish a fairly comprehensive introduction to the metaphysics of divination in both the Tarot & Psychic sections of my site. More information on this topic is available there. I do welcome questions and helpful comments.