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Recognizing Non-Human Beings

Mystic teachers, scholars of ancient texts, as well as some organized religions in this world acknowledge the presence of non human beings on the Earth. (This a post about the manifestation of “other” consciousness in human form.)

I am in no way claiming that I am posting an original idea! This post addresses the stuff of myth and legend, spirit and daemon, as well as the other life energies that appear in our world.

Most everyone has had contact with an apparent human being who was instantly repulsive. That being “made my flesh crawl,” “had a bad vibe,” or “creeped me out.”

There are many ways to describe the feeling humans have when they interact with a consciousness appearing in human form.  My purpose is to invite you to realize that your intuitive reaction to this kind of experience is vital to your well-being.

If you have an instinctive revulsion to a creature that appears as human, please, do not approach this kind of being casually. It is best to walk around, move away, and most surely do not open the door!

A Non-Human Encounter

Here is a true story that serves as an example:

I was walking with a few friends down the sidewalk in a busy part of town where I  had earlier spotted an obvious non-human being who had been “loitering” there for many hours.

The individual was oddly dressed and had been making very strange chant style sounds through out the day.  He was a good sized younger person, capable of physical harm who had been wandering back and forth on the street from time to time, then returning to his power spot at a corner (cross roads) where he practiced his “music”.

There was no music to the sound, it was other worldly and mimicked an electronic noise. It was not “beat box” or any other new or modern style of sound.  A music lover, I found these noises immediately disturbing.

In this part of town, it is not uncommon to find street musicians, artists, homeless and panhandlers. People in the city have become accustomed to strangers sitting in front of closed stores to rest, beg, or provide entertainment.

In no way did this being manifest in a body that conformed to the expected. He was not polite, patient, retiring, or humble. His manner was demanding. He followed people, voiced to people (using that same vibrational tone), and had a confident demeanor that was not in keeping with his appearance.

Given all I had seen over four or five hours in the neighborhood,  I chose to walk to our destination on a path that enabled me to pass far from him.  As “he” was capable of projecting energy a good 10 feet, I preferred to cross the street first, then head toward our destination.

Trusting the Awareness of Others

Concerned that I was physically afraid of this being, a compassionate and physically strong man in our party reassured me that I was safe, and insisted we just walk right by. I agreed. I did not feel we were in physical danger, and did not want to stop to explain before passing.

We passed the “person” without physical incident.  However, once passed and some distance away,  I chose to share the why of my preference to avoid close passage as these friends trust me and understand my work.

I shared that his kind of frequency, sent intentionally toward others, could take energy from various chakras of passers by.

Through my filters, I “saw” him as a disruptive creature who was trying to “hook” or “capture” energy from passers by using these strange sounds. The vibrational nature of his toning was not unlike a didgeridoo in frequency.

I felt his disruption in my throat chakra, one of our company clearly felt unwell in the solar plexus chakra after passing the “man,” while another experienced a disturbance in her heart chakra. They did not make an immediate connection to his sounds and their feelings.

I am fortunate to be blessed with metaphysically awake people as friends. Most all are sensitive to the energy of stones, crystals, singing bowls and drum circle instruments. Had we been in a silent meadow, the still forest, walking along a pasture – the extreme nature of the “sounds” he generated would have been clear as day.

Had our little group walked beyond the physical reach of that toning, I suspect that we would have not felt as deep an energetic unease.

Tips to spot a Non-Human

That creature chose a busy intersection at a busy time of day to make this “music”. To a person in a hurry, someone wearing ear buds, those accustomed to city sounds, he may not have even been seen.  The impact of the toning would have been just as potent with our without noticing the source.

There are creatures who “feed” on human energy. Some indeed human – the drama queens of life (regardless of gender). These energy vampires will demand your attention by asking for help with awful, seemingly endless problems while rejecting any solution you provide. You leave the conversation exhausted, and with some sense of failure.

If you are truly trying to help a friend or family member and hear the “Yes, but….. “ reply, you can be mindful that your person is not really looking for a solution, rather time and attention.

As for non-human encounters, rest assured this kind of “feeding” encounter does not happen every day! In fact these kinds of interactions are rare for most. The more sensitive you become to energy fields, the more you practice Reiki, sound or energy healing, or work to develop your third eye, the more quickly you will be able to spot this kind of trouble.

Your instinct that something is wrong, regardless of what your mind tells you, is best trusted. If you need more careful examination of the situation, look to see what is irregular, perhaps subtle, and not quite what humans do.

Please notice, non-human beings are not all disruptive. In fact, we can have lovely angelic meetings as. It is far more often that I meet awakened beings in human form than I do the disruptive.

There are many, many published accounts from people who were saved by the intervention of “angelic” presence on earth than you might suspect!

Should you want to schedule an appointment to discuss or have a reading about paranormal events, non-human events or beings that are manifesting in your everyday life, I invite you to schedule that session at my second office in Murray Hill.

There I am able to provide a private, closed-door consultation. For some conversations, privacy is best. If you are having magical, ghostly, or other forms of paranormal contact, please begin to keep notes of all the experiences you have!

Note taking will help you recognize any patterns that may be present in these kinds of relationships.

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Wishing peace for all people,

Ann George

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Whats wrong with me? Psychic development concerns.

I recently received this note from a visitor to one of my sites:
” I have something to ask you. It started when I was in college this past year as a freshman. And I remember walking around campus one day and I felt this buzz from the back of my head, I want to say it felt like an small electric buzz like something was being unplugged from the back of my head. And later on the night I heard a mans voice tell me to get up and go see god. It sounded like a pastor or someone but he kept telling me to get up and stop what I am doing and go to him and not to waste my life.

So i was freaking out and went back into my dorm room to sleep but he came back again but this time he sounded like he was echoing in the room, like he was talking surround sound. I heard a woman crying which reminding me of my mother, and just a church of people crying, I felt like I was at my funeral but i wasnt freaking out too much because i was still trying to understand the sounds and figure out what was going on with me.

But after that I have been able to understand people and thier emotions without having to say much to them, I can look into a happy person face and see them crying on the inside and im always right. I sometimes speak on and on about something to someone about them and I will have no idea where it is coming from, the words are never my own thoughts but I am always right about that person and about how they feel and what they are going through? Do you understand what I am saying? I try to explain this to my friends and family and some get me but others say I lose them but I just need someone to tell me that they know what is going on with me please! “

This is another example of a question that I am able to answer in general terms. In others words, I am able to speak to the issue of psychic awakening. I will not fully address the issue of psychic development, ethic and self-protection in this post. For the best response to the question above, and for personal assistance, the author is advised to schedule a paranormal event counseling session with a qualified consultant.

From the contents of the letter, regardless of how the “awakening” or “opening” occurred… in this case a clear change in the energy column of the seeker, people open to clairvoyant ability in a number of ways. The important thing is that once this change has occurred; that being the change from the ability to live in “normal” attention to the the new ability to live in a state of heightened awarenss, decisions must be made.

To answer the questions “What’s wrong with me?”, under the circumstances reported, I would say nothing is “wrong” at all. In fact, many people hope to have this kind of experience to be better able to help others. Signs that something is wrong after an opening of this kind could be symptoms of depression, inability to focus, retreat from friends and family, inability to perform daily tasks, disorganized thinking, hallucinations.. or other behaviours that cause friends to comment with concern on new behaviours.

Fortunately, none of these symptoms are reported in the letter, so I am answering based on the assumption that the seeker is fully functional, and suddenly “blessed” with a new ability.

A second point must be addressed here, and this is my own preference.. a result of my own process of living a clairvoyant life.

Given this note:
” I sometimes speak on and on about something to someone about them and I will have no idea where it is coming from, the words are never my own thoughts but I am always right about that person and about how they feel and what they are going through?”
I do not offer information unless asked. I have found, for my nature and personality, that is is far better to wait for a client to order a session and ask me to “see” for them, than to volunteer my insights.

There are two reasons for this. The first is based on basic human nature… few people appreciate or follow “free advice” or unasked of advice. In Western culture this is often regarded as offensive or intrusive at best.. and insulting at worst.

The second, is that I want to be certain to do no harm. In my journey of “seeing” I have seen many beautiful things….. and many horrible things.. painful insults people have suffered in their past, events best not brought to light without careful consideration. I prefer to err on the side of caution, and to allow people to ask me what they want to know.

Finally, I have found that many people absolutely believe that psychism is false.. that it is not possible to see the future, have clairvoyant abilities and are prone to ridicule the gifted. So.. seeker, please take very good care of yourself. If people don’t “get” you.. perhaps is would be best to find a Spiritualist Church, or some other open faith where your gifts are seen as natural, and worthy of development.

For more information on this topic, please explore this blog.. or perhaps visit the Energy Healing section of my primary website.. Ann George Studios, Inc.

Angels, Demons, Spirits and Bad Luck. A question and answer post from the mystic point of view.

I have received another letter about paranormal concerns that I will respond to today. I have changed the name of the author of the letter, edited the content, corrected misspellings and typos a bit to protect that person’s identity. The tone of the note and the order of the questions is preserved to give the true flavor of the message.

I am sure other professionals will be able to offer comments to this post that are helpful to this seeker. This note is complex, presenting a number of questions and concerns. (I am not sure the author speaks English as a first language.) The concerns raised and the fears expressed in this email are not new to my practice. I publish this post hoping that others with similar concerns my benefit from my point of view on these matters.

“Hello am RJ and I have been looking for someone that could help me, although it has been hard. I am not sure if you could be the one that is able to help me find an answer to my problem.

I keep telling my self why me and why do I have spirits follow me? I am not sure if its one or two or how many,  but thats not the reason I am writing.”

My comment: My first observation is that the author seems to express real concern about being followed by spirits, then declares that this is not the problem that prompts the letter. However, in the next few sentences, the author again lists paranormal experiences as well as episodes of pre-cognition.

“The real reason is that I have been through a lot in my life. I want to make a new beginning. My family has been tormented for so long.

I started to see demons, spirits and angels as a child but I have no way of understanding the visions. Throughout my life I would sometimes receive warnings about danger that helped me at that time. Other times I would just have visions of the future that do take place.”

As I have never spoken to the author of the note, I am not able to determine “state of mind.” I therefore do not intend to personally address the writer of the note in this post. As I do not know the true tone of voice of the message, it would be irresponsible of me to do so. Through my filters, a message like this one  is written in a distressed tone of voice.

As the letter progresses, it seems clear that the author is in fact concerned with these visions, that these psychic experiences cause the author to feel different from others, to feel exhausted, like giving up, and ultimately “evil” for giving up (see below.)

“I try running away from it all. The problem with me is that even if i see good, evil follows me making my life miserable. Why does this happen? After everything I go through, at the end am fresh out of luck. After awhile I just gave up on my self.

My comment: It is often true that gifted people who see visions, whether those visions are of the future, the past, or spiritual beings, feel tormented. Many times, the gifted person has no control over when these kinds of experiences occur, no way to put them to good use, no one to talk to, and no frame of reference to make them feel OK, healthy or normal.

In American culture, clairvoyance has been radicalized.. that is to say, main stream media presents gifted people the option to be schizophrenic, possessed, evil, or rarely… very rarely, truly blessed with a spiritual gift. If we look to our history here in the USA, religious persecution of those who do practice faiths that allow for visions as a natural part of life has been the norm.

As mentioned in previous posts, it is my opinion that it is critical for the gifted person to have some emotional support, even if that is found in book. One of my first deep breaths in life happened when I read The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castenada. There, in print, was a world view that most matched my own experience, my own understanding of the world as a fabulous, magical experience full of possibilities.

That book, and others like it, helped me to see the world differently, and my place in it as more real, or normal. There was no one person in my early life that offered me the same validation as I found in those pages.

A second concern raised in the previous notes from the seeker is that of being “cursed”, followed by evil no matter what. It is my observation that when any person is plagued by unwanted intrusions, they can come to feel powerless, victimized, helpless.. really without hope for change for the better. It can therefore be quite easy to relate visions with bad luck.

I don’t think the ability to see angels, visions, or spirits of any kind creates a direct link to bad luck, that one gift is the direct cause of either being “followed by evil” or of having an unlucky life. However, as the seeker notes below,

“There is something from the past that just haunts my family tree. I know this is true, but I don’t know why? I would like to know my past life or anything that could help me.”

My reply continues:This comment is really so important that I will explore it more fully in a later post. For today, the issue of cause and effect, or karmic consequence is raised. Many great masters have written many fine texts exploring karma… action – and consequence. I do not intend to write about that. I refer you instead to a bookstore full of great works worthy of your attention.

Whether my reply is limited only to the idea that we do co-create our future by our past actions, or that families can create destructive dynamics that have unfortunate results for the children raised therein.. I am certain that we can change our future. We can purify our misdeeds, mental afflictions and bad habits. We can make the decision to start our life over at any moment in time.

Regardless of what has happened before, the world is constantly coming. What we experience today is the out picturing of past action ( whether of body, speech or mind.)

I will save for later a discussion on the existence of sorcerers who are so powerful as to be able to curse a lineage of people and will only note that this kind of person is a rare soul indeed.

“I try so hard to do right and so hard to do good, but it does not work. Now I see my self just as evil as anyone else in the world because of giving up on myself. All I want is to pick my self up and to have the same rights as normal people. I don’t want to lose my self. Please, if your able to give me not salvation but comfort I could at least know why.”

My Comment: It is my hope that the information here will be a comfort to the author of this e-mail. It is my belief, and the belief of many peoples and cultures that we have all been here before. That the idea of a past life is a valid concept. That we do come together again and again to learn & grow, hopefully to help each other become the very best people we can be.

Can I answer in this post the “Why” of this souls experience? Of course not. In readings, it is possible to see more clearly the causes and conditions that bring people to their present moment in time. It is possible to see the past & to offer guidance on how best to proceed.

It is my hope that this seeker first find a path to follow, then find a reader for more guidance. I first suggest that the seeker turn to faith, a spiritual teacher, a guru, a priest of a recognized practice for the solace they need.