Haunted Houses or Portals?

A Report from Chickasaw County, Mississippi 

Over the years I have been hired to investigate homes for paranormal phenomena, ghosts of deceased persons and spirits of various kinds. From my experience, there are different kinds of phenomena that occur in this world that are most often found in homes.

Haunted Houses

The ones with which we seem most familiar are “hauntings” wherein the people living in the home have a sense that there is another human energy present with them. Often they are able to identify or even “see” the energetic imprint of that person. In the West we refer to these energies as ghosts. 

In general, these energies remain for one reason or another, and seem to serve as witnesses to the living. Some people enjoy the presence of these energies, find the situation fascinating, or exciting, others are very disturbed and sometimes frightened.

As we know, every birth ends in death.  We also know the consciousness of human beings is immortal. Many believe that consciousness moves from realm to realm. Imprints, remnants, ghosts, or “la” of those human births may remain neutral in your space, or they may become disruptive or harmful over time. 

I firmly believe that it is always most loving to help these energies move freely from this world to the next should they need assistance.  Should these energies move from the passive state of witness to an active state of interfering with daily life then, it is past time to ask them to move on. 

There are many ways to lovingly effect the clearing of trapped human energies from a home, and a good Energy Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Shaman, Rinpoche, or Priest is usually able to restore your home and to help the disincarnate energy, or imprint of that energy move fully on to their next level of being. 

The removal of ghosts is not the topic of this post. I address ghosts as a preface to the true topic, that of portals, so that the reader will be able to share my frame of reference. 


Portals may be naturally occurring phenomena, or they may be created. “Portal” is the best word I have found to refer to those locations on the Earth were nonhuman energies are able to move into this world, or press close enough to the veil between, that they affect human beings.

While there are sacred places in which people experience uplifting presence, it seems that I more often am called to encounter places where the spiritual energy is disturbing, frightening, or damaging to the people who live there.  In some cases the energy portal, particularly if it is intentionally created and is left open, can create a situation in which the affect of the spirits that are called can gain sufficient power to present themselves to generations of family members. Such is the case I am about to report. 

Recently I was invited to visit a home and I quickly becoming aware that the home was a created portal. The purpose of this post is to tell as much of that story as may be helpful. In this case, the less said the better. 

The home was located in a small town (population of under 650 people) in Chickasaw County, Mississippi. When first stepping on the ground, it was clear that the energy of the land itself was unsettled. It seemed as if the vibrational field created by the house had extended itself over time to leave a trembling energetic net in the top soil. 

The front door was locked, yet the back door was open. That the house had been empty for many years was quite clear upon entrance. Escorted by a member of the family, and with no prior knowledge of any of the events that had occurred there, nor the reports of family members, I had a look round. 

It is very important that you understand this house was built to order in 1906. The house was built with a cook house out back, so there was originally no proper kitchen. There was nothing accidental in the construction of the home, which is why the subtle impact of the house was all the more disturbing.

Most striking was that everything was structurally “off.” I don’t mean that the house wasn’t “square.” I mean to say that the layout of the rooms, the heights of the ceilings, placement of doors, location of windows, widths of hallways, twists in the stairwells, all manner of rooms and closets were somehow mathematically “wrong” and yet intentionally built to be that way. 

Walking the first floor was disorienting, as rooms had no logical sequence, some seemed too narrow, others without purpose. I walked the back of the first floor of the house several times, and yet could not now tell you the order of the rooms, the names, nor the purpose of the rooms. I can tell you that there was a covered porch out back. 

The most noticeable structural anomaly on the first floor was apparent as I was coming from the back of the house toward the front door. I walked down a very wide hall way, and at the end of that hall there was an embellished archway. There seemed to be about 20 paces from archway to the front doorway, which took one across a “lobby”, rectangular in shape.  

I stopped and looked at that archway, the ‘lobby”, the stairwell at the left that lead to the second floor, another opening to the right leading to another room and knew that I was looking at a portal.

Between the archway and the doorway was the “abode of invited spirits.” I can think of nothing else to call it. I did not casually walk that space, but began to secretly recite mantra for purification and protection as I wondered at it. 

There was no natural reason for an archway to be built there. I was reminded of the nave of a church, opening to the alter area, but only briefly. The energy field between the arch and the door was palpable, it seemed alive or awake, and not welcoming. Knowing there was a ceiling over the hall made no energetic difference as that area seemed open at the top. 

When I encounter a structure that I feel was constructed to “call forth” energies, I realize that I am most surely human and therefore at a great disadvantage. Invited to explore the second floor, thus to enter and cross the portal, I did proceed, but with spiritual caution. 

The staircase was lovely. It had a find handrail, was well built, enviable really if one likes old homes. In fact it was the “nicest” embellishment I had encountered,  yet the math of the staircase was also odd. Four steps I believe, then a right angle turn to take one up to the second floor. 

I will not spend much time describing the second floor as I felt it was “unclean.” I did go into all the rooms, and found them more odd and disturbing in size and order than those on the first floor. In particular there seemed to be an altar room (this room was above the portal area on the first floor)  which included strange columns – providing no structural benefit – that may have seemed to a casual onlooker to be another embellishment, but as I remember there were four, cardinally placed. I did not take them as casual at all. 

Further, to my right as I faced what called out as the focal point of the room, there was a window that was built just a few inches from the floor. It was just the right size to enable a grown man to exit the room, and climb out onto the roof. 

The upstairs had many other anomalies. The family member pointed out different bedrooms and identified the various family members who had slept there. A second bath had been added upstairs in what must have been a bedroom. There was a sink and toilet, but no tub or shower. 

There are no descriptions to offer as I was ready to leave the upstairs almost upon arrival. I was ready to explore the outside of the house to see if I could find a purpose to the various columns and arches that I had found inside. 

 I walked the outside of the house twice, witnessing without drawing any conclusions. There was much to see. There is no need or benefit to list all the embellishments hidden in plain sight. Some were in the shape of arrows, other geometric shapes were visible,  the numbers of the panes of the windows were most interesting… there was no order to the patterning  at first glance and all windows were not the same style.  

The foundation of the house had been built in such a way that sacred geometry was used to ensure the house to be a portal. This was the most correct of all the “math” of the house, and to me the most reassuring. It seemed as if, at the beginning of construction, the original builder had good intention. 

At some point perhaps the builders were changed, or the intention changed, and thus this strange two story clap board building was left to dominate all the small single story homes that grew up around it. 

My suggestion was that the house should be burned to the ground where it stood. If that was not possible, then it should be dismantled and burned in full (although I do not like to think of what would be released as various pieces of the house were taken apart.)  

After the Tour

Of course, the family member was very interested to know what I thought of the house, and asked me to tell what I thought. I reported that I thought the house should be burned to the ground where it stood, and was met with no resistance to the idea at all. 

It was then that the family member was able to provide me insights into the builder and stories told by family members that validated that the house had indeed drawn down energy, and that that energy had been corrupted long ago, plaguing family members for generations. 

The house was built by a Civil War veteran, wounded in action, and as a result of his wound he lost his leg. It is reported that he and other veterans gathered at the house regularly to revisit memories of the war at great length. Research could be done to see what occult works were available to the pubic at that time, but it felt best to walk away from the how and the why of it all. 

I do not want to violate the privacy of the family, so will summarize that it was reported that no one every wanted to sleep on the second floor. Some occupants confined themselves to living in only three rooms on the first floor of the house at night, keeping all the other doors locked. 

Most who lived in or visited the house reported the same nightmare of being terrorized by a dark energy that had a human like form. These nightmares were very vidid and frightening. The generations have reported the same lucid dreams, frightening occurrences and physical manifestations of the presence of spirits since the early 1900s. 

I do not know how long the house has been vacant. There is nothing that makes the house attractive to the casual eye. The interior is impossibly decorated and would require a tremendous investment to make it visually pleasing. Yet, as is often the case with these kinds of houses, there will be one member of the family that wants to keep the house… regardless.  It is almost as if the house chooses a family member of each generation to “keep it.” It is  in good repair, and may well last another 130 years. Such is the case with created portals. 

Some of you reading may want more information, as did the person who showed me the house. There really are somethings best left unsaid, and some energies best left to lie as they are. This is one of those times for me. 

I hope this post is helpful. 

True love? soul mate? or a past life return?

There are moments in life when we meet someone who takes our breath away. Our reaction to that person is greater than seems reasonable. We are exhilarated, breathless, may well feel that we have been waiting for them, or have known them all our lives. Often there is an instant feeling of comfort, of familiarity that we have not often experienced. We can’t seem to get them out of our minds, look forward to the next meeting, the next call, and if we are no longer young this may be all the more wonderful.

What I have described are many of the symptoms that people feel when they “fall in love,” sometimes very, very deeply in love. Sometimes, you are not in love at all! Sometimes you are having a “past life return.” It may be crucial for your happiness to discover which is true.

To discuss this, it is important to include the spiritual concepts that make this discussion possible. First, the human mind, or consciousness is immortal. The mind, the essence of a person is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, therefore, after the mind (or spirit ) has left the physical body, it travels on.

Second, human consciousness often reincarnates in a familiar world. For human beings, many times it is this world, the realm of desire, that calls us back to the Earth. We love the pleasure it offers, food, drink, music, love, laughter, friendships if we had good fortune in our previous life.

Third, most people incarnate based their past lives, some are seeking the familiar. In “the between” or the “dreamtime” the mind often searches for loved ones, friends, sometimes places that they cherished in other incarnations. Some look for ways to complete unfinished work. Many cultures believe that the mind chooses parents, attracted to their qualities and the lessons we may learn from them.

Finally, from all the readings I have done over the past 17 years, I see that people are often reborn to find others that they have lived with or loved before. I have read for many people who have met lovers, husbands, wives from previous incarnations. Many times they mistake the powerful experience of the impact of a past life return with true love for this life.

The similarities between the feelings of True Love & a Past Life return are striking. Past life reunions are very powerful experiences. Energetically we find ourselves face to face with the truth of our immortal nature when we experience the presence of a person we have known from another time.

Many report it feels like a blow to the chest, having the wind knocked out, of being shocked, dazed, overwhelmed by the experience of the meeting. This is not an intellectual experience but an energetic one. People may not remember how or when they knew this person, or even who the person was to them…… but the sense of return is very powerful.

In Western culture, we do not often acknowledge reincarnation as a truth, so we have no context other than a “soul mate” experience to use as a reference point when we experience the reunion with one we have known before. This puts us at a real disadvantage.

Sometimes we are meeting  past  loves, but sometimes we are meeting mothers, brothers, friends, enemies, perhaps those we have harmed or those who have harmed us. I have seen some of these relationships blossom into beautiful unions, but many times, one person will notice that what they thought was true love is becoming something else all together.

This can be heart breaking as the joy, the hope, the certainty that you have finally found the “one” only to see that dream crumble, often without a tangible reason. Sometimes we meet those we have betrayed, and so are betrayed by them. There are really many different ways these kinds of relationships can turn out, what is important is to understand what is happening, and what if anything we can do to heal or save a relationship we value.

A past life reading is very helpful for those who are going through this kind of experience. The purpose of the reading is to provide clarity, insight and closure if possible. Sometimes it is possible to see the world in which both people lived. Sometimes people have had more than one life together… and sometimes in a reading we are able to discover those that are most important to the now time.
I offer past life readings by appointment. Most clients report that these are very freeing experiences for them. For more information about this, an other metaphysical matters, please visit my website.

Clearing Your Home From Negative Energies

As I review this blog, I see that I have posted several articles on spiritual issues that have been a concern to many of my clients. I would like now to post some solutions to the issues of curses, spells, paranormal events and matters of this kind. 

First, I do have Protection Candles for sale. I hand pour these once a year on All Hallow’s Eve. They come with instructions, an affirmation as well as an ephemeris on the back for those who are interested in the astrology of the pour. Here are two links, the first to the Candles Blog for aspects and detailed information about the candle. The second link is to the shopping cart page for information on how to purchase these natural wax pillars.

I am very pleased to refer you to Astrologic Amulets and Talisman’s offered by Christopher Warnock.  He has a very extensive & informative site. Should you wish to invest in an amulet other protective item, I am sure you will find the goods there to be unique, well researched, and to my eye, lovely. 

A very useful way to maintain clear space in the home is by making smoke offerings. This practice of burning incense daily, or as an offering,  is very common in many cultures. Further, certain herbs hand blended together have been found to be highly effective in purifying your energy body (Aura Cleanse Incense) as well as your home, business, or other sacred space (House Blessing Incense.) 

Finally, ordering a cleansing, which is a a remote energetic treatment of your space is very effective for more serious disruptions. I offer this service, as does a very gifted healer I have been please to know for many years now. I am happy to refer you to his page for another point of view on ordering space cleansing services.