Those who follow my Reiki or Distance Healing blog may have seen my recent post about energy field wounding. I put it up not long ago in an effort to bring attention to the issue of energetic well being and what we can do to stay in good shape. I chose to write about this hoping to help everyone get off to a vibrant start this New Year. You may also have read my most recent blog offering “Free Psychic Advice!”

Now it seems time to share the post about energy wounding to this blog because the abusers are trying to frighten new and experienced seekers. People (inept readers? con artists?) are frightening with statements like “Someone put something on you”, or “Someone is working against you”. While you may not have encountered a con artist using this line to get you to book a service, you may feel as if you just can’t catch a break. Often this feeling is a result of some kind of damage to our Human Energy System and this can be restored.

I will post some content followed by a link to the full article on my other blog. As always, thank you for taking a proactive stance! Thank you for taking charge of your energetic well being and putting an end to your exhaustion.

What Are Energy Wounds? (an excerpt from another post written by me – Ann George)

An energy wound is any kind of damage to our Human Energy System (HES). We can identify energy wounds by their symptoms. Often conditions caused by energy wounds are dismissed as a passing phase, a temporary emotional state, nothing to worry about.  Here are a few energy wounds that are misunderstood:  A Broken Heart • A Loss of Direction or Purpose • Lethargy • Depression • Anger • Loneliness • Anxiety and Inability to Enjoy Life. 

Energy Wounds are a kind of hurt we just can’t seem to fix. We can’t walk, talk, or think our way to peace. We can’t seem to recover our energy, our joy, nor our sense of purpose. Sure, there are some life experiences that are very hard to shake but energy wounds seem “deeper”. With this kind of pain we are hurting, and the hurting won’t stop, in spite or our best efforts to suppress or deny the pain. Wounds to our energy bodies are events we are not taught to identify much less to heal. 

Human beings are multilayered beings. We have an inner and an outer energy identity.  Common terms for parts of that self are chakra, aura, avaduti, meridian, channel, drop, wind, or etheric layer. We can be in excellent condition, or simply worn down by the day to day demands we now face in a very technologically “advanced” society.  Energy wounding can happen either way. 

If people are telling you to “Snap out of it”, or if they ask “Are you still grieving?”, or if they say “You have to get a hold of yourself”, then you are probably suffering from an energy wound. These wounds happen far more often than you might think. Sometimes the wounding is written off as “just a part of life”.  Sometimes the wound is self-inflicted and sometimes we have run into an abuser, an “energy vampire” who does mean to hurt us, and does mean to cause us to “leak” energy. Once we are “punctured” those abusers seems to enjoy “feeding” on our distress. 

Regardless of the cause of the wound, the one thing all energy wounds have in common is that they require energy medicine. Many of us have watched friends try to “Get Over It!” in self destructive ways. Common efforts to self-cure include drinking too much alcohol, smoking too much (anything), and eating too much food. All these efforts are relatively easy to do and for a short while they provide a sense of comfort.  We soon see the comfort is temporary. 

Many people will try to return to a comfortable state by repeating the ”fix”, until the fix becomes the problem. I will expand on this idea by presenting one view of the Human Energy System. (HES). The idea of the energy system isn’t mine, In fact there are many ancient views and many medicines based on each view. I am not a doctor. I am not presenting any information here that is to encourage you to walk out of the care you are receiving now to try Energy Healing. 

If you would like to read the full article, please visit my Remote Healing Page. There is a second post on that blog that offers a more in depth look at Remote Reiki, Remote Healing and Energy Healing in general. I know that there are many roads to well being, and that sometimes the path through hard times can be eased with energy work. Thank you for following.

Ann George

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