One free question? Free psychic readings?

I would first like to apologize to those callers who have phoned expecting a free reading or who have written recently hoping to receive the email answer to one free question. I am not sure how my site has become associated with the offer to receive free psychic services.  Perhaps when people put that search phrase in to engines, some of the psychics who link to my site show with their offers for free readings and my phone number appears.

I have been serving clients on line for over eight years now, and have it has never been my policy to offer free services. In fact, I encourage you to be mindful of “free” services. While I do not intend to imply that many of the readers offering free services are not excellent, ethical readers, some may not be.

I provide psychic services by appointment so that I am sure to be fully present and ready to devote all my time and attention to your call. I prepare for each session by spending sometime in meditation. I work in a silent & sacred space. There are no other people in the office when I take your call, there is no other item on my agenda other than your session.

It is strange to me to see a professional psychic, mystic, seer or medium minimize the value of their precious gift of time, talent and attention. I know that in Western culture we are encouraged to get “buy one, get one free”. Few service providers I know give their work away. While some may choose to provide introductory offers, they are usually for a specific service, and limited amout of time.  I am not comfortable taking time or services with out offering payment, or barter, or trade. I am sure that the flow of wealth, prosperity and happiness depends in large part on the practice of generosity.

It is true that many people distrust psychics, are not sure if their money would be well spent, or want to some how “test” the psychic before making an investment. I understand and respect skepticism. However, I have published numerous articles online, in blogs, Tarot journals, as well as providing references on my site from satisfied customers over a nine year period. I hope that this is enough to help my visitors get a sense of who I am and what I stand for.

As I mentioned above, I do believe in practicing the paramita of generosity, and  I  financially support several honorable charities.  I thank you for your time and attention in reading this article. Again, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience or offense the “free reading” error may have caused.