Psychic scams vs. EnergyWounds ?

Those who follow my Reiki or Distance Healing blog may have seen my recent post about energy field wounding. I put it up not long ago in an effort to bring attention to the issue of energetic well being and what we can do to stay in good shape. I chose to write about this hoping to help everyone get off to a vibrant start this New Year. You may also have read my most recent blog offering “Free Psychic Advice!”

Now it seems time to share the post about energy wounding to this blog because the abusers are trying to frighten new and experienced seekers. People (inept readers? con artists?) are frightening with statements like “Someone put something on you”, or “Someone is working against you”. While you may not have encountered a con artist using this line to get you to book a service, you may feel as if you just can’t catch a break. Often this feeling is a result of some kind of damage to our Human Energy System and this can be restored.

I will post some content followed by a link to the full article on my other blog. As always, thank you for taking a proactive stance! Thank you for taking charge of your energetic well being and putting an end to your exhaustion.

What Are Energy Wounds? (an excerpt from another post written by me – Ann George)

An energy wound is any kind of damage to our Human Energy System (HES). We can identify energy wounds by their symptoms. Often conditions caused by energy wounds are dismissed as a passing phase, a temporary emotional state, nothing to worry about.  Here are a few energy wounds that are misunderstood:  A Broken Heart • A Loss of Direction or Purpose • Lethargy • Depression • Anger • Loneliness • Anxiety and Inability to Enjoy Life. 

Energy Wounds are a kind of hurt we just can’t seem to fix. We can’t walk, talk, or think our way to peace. We can’t seem to recover our energy, our joy, nor our sense of purpose. Sure, there are some life experiences that are very hard to shake but energy wounds seem “deeper”. With this kind of pain we are hurting, and the hurting won’t stop, in spite or our best efforts to suppress or deny the pain. Wounds to our energy bodies are events we are not taught to identify much less to heal. 

Human beings are multilayered beings. We have an inner and an outer energy identity.  Common terms for parts of that self are chakra, aura, avaduti, meridian, channel, drop, wind, or etheric layer. We can be in excellent condition, or simply worn down by the day to day demands we now face in a very technologically “advanced” society.  Energy wounding can happen either way. 

If people are telling you to “Snap out of it”, or if they ask “Are you still grieving?”, or if they say “You have to get a hold of yourself”, then you are probably suffering from an energy wound. These wounds happen far more often than you might think. Sometimes the wounding is written off as “just a part of life”.  Sometimes the wound is self-inflicted and sometimes we have run into an abuser, an “energy vampire” who does mean to hurt us, and does mean to cause us to “leak” energy. Once we are “punctured” those abusers seems to enjoy “feeding” on our distress. 

Regardless of the cause of the wound, the one thing all energy wounds have in common is that they require energy medicine. Many of us have watched friends try to “Get Over It!” in self destructive ways. Common efforts to self-cure include drinking too much alcohol, smoking too much (anything), and eating too much food. All these efforts are relatively easy to do and for a short while they provide a sense of comfort.  We soon see the comfort is temporary. 

Many people will try to return to a comfortable state by repeating the ”fix”, until the fix becomes the problem. I will expand on this idea by presenting one view of the Human Energy System. (HES). The idea of the energy system isn’t mine, In fact there are many ancient views and many medicines based on each view. I am not a doctor. I am not presenting any information here that is to encourage you to walk out of the care you are receiving now to try Energy Healing. 

If you would like to read the full article, please visit my Remote Healing Page. There is a second post on that blog that offers a more in depth look at Remote Reiki, Remote Healing and Energy Healing in general. I know that there are many roads to well being, and that sometimes the path through hard times can be eased with energy work. Thank you for following.

Ann George

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Some Free Psychic Advice

Don’t Be Scared! Don’t be taken in. Consulting one of the many pretenders working today brings confusion. New clients, and some regular clients are calling me to ask if they are under a curse, or some kind of Root Work.

Did Someone Put Something On Me?

I know for some callers this is an awkward, perhaps an embarrassing question. However, life has many turns and often we feel as if we are having a have a run of “bad luck”. I have had my moments where the “Dark Cloud” theory could apply to me.

Always ask me about anything that worries you. I am not going to judge your question. In fact, I am not going to judge you at all.

Consulting a true psychic reader can bring you to some powerful solutions. Consulting one of the many pretenders working today brings confusion. 

Fakes & Cons

There are a lot of very poor “readers” selling “Tarot readings” now. They don’t have valid Tarot decks and they can’t seem to cross the Veil. I don’t have confidence they can handle Power of any kind.

Often these readers are on 800 Call Centers where the goal is to keep you on the phone as long as possible. Some of these people are gifted. Some are very good “Cold Readers” who follow up on “hits” you give them. When they feel the are losing you, they spout traditional psychic con statements like:

  • “I see someone has put something on you.” 
  • “Something is keeping you from your success.”
  • “Someone is working against you.” 

These are easy statements that debase the Art. These lines are set ups for scams. If you have a reader who tells you these kinds of things, please get centered and get out, hang up, walk away.

Please know that some “psychics” are really good at scaring you. They practice. They are magnetic, and pretend to care about you. They want too much.

Please hold that reader accountable

Ask them Questions! If they can see something on you, they should know where it came from and “what it is”.

  • “Who put something on me?” If your reader doesn’t know – move on!
  • “What did they put one me?
  • “What does it do?
  • “How long will it last?”
  • “Why did they do this?” The standard con answer is “They are jealous of you.” or “They want your power.” Please, move on.

Think – if a person is powerful enough to “put” something on you – then that person should have plenty of power without needing to take yours. 

Regardless, you can’t buy a book and teach yourself to cast spells in a week or two. It takes decades of training in an occult tradition to accumulate enough power to do this kind of “work”.  People who take the study of mystic traditions and personal power often apprentice under a qualified teacher for many years before working with/for others.

Most magical traditions require training, practice, empowerments or initiations to get close to the kind of power it takes to “attach” something (a demon? a spirit? a rakshasha? a ghost? ) to another person.

You might feel uncomfortable, and everything might be falling apart in your life, but that doesn’t mean their scare story is true.

Take a breath & apply reason

Here is another problem with this idea/con/scam: 

  • Why would someone single you out? 
  • What do you have or do that is so dangerous that you must be stopped?  
  • What evidence is given to prove the statements? 
  • How will this person who is “putting things on you” get them off?

There is a reaction to every action, every thought and every word spoken. Those people who “cast spells” for example, will have a consequence to that spell. Often the price for this kind of action is quite high. The people who scare you with vague statements will come to judgement. 

It is unkind to scare someone. It is selfish and thoughtless to disgrace a profession with cheap tricks. Ethical psychic readers have a lot of prejudice to work against just to provide help.

These kinds of scare tactics dirty the reputations of all ethical psychic service providers. They also enrich the tricksters. 

To Complicate the Conversation

Energy Field Healing is Valid! Energy Healing is an established healing modality. Once scorned, questioned, and ridiculed, Usui Reiki is now practiced in Hospitals, Cancer Centers and Hospices. There is not yet a standardized language (that I know of) to describe the kinds of Energy Wounding healers see in their clients, but we all sustain some damage to our energy bodies throughout the day. This is normal.

When “wounding” happens, your therapist/healer will tell you about that. They will be able to say that this chakra is out of balance for example. They may see that your Auric Shell is thin. This doesn’t mean anyone has done anything to intentionally harm you. Life happens! Energy healing can restore you to your better self.

Energy Medicine/Healing/Therapy is valid and many people benefit from it. Acupuncture is a form of “energy healing” in that it works with the human energy body to relieve symptoms. Qi Gong energy medicine is very powerful. I am fortunate to have had some therapeutic sessions with great healers right here in Jacksonville. 

Sound therapy or Sound Healing is now being recognized by the American Medical system. This is another form or energy healing. Light Therapy is in use. This is another kind of energy healing!  I have recently published two blog posts about Energy Wounds and Healing on another blog, and it seems time to share them here.

Sadly, the scammers have muddied the water again, and legitimate providers & their clients are some of the first to pay the price for their foolishness. It is hard to advertise “energy medicine” when the pretenders are out saying something to sound important or to impress a client.

In the context of Energy Healing, some diagnostic language will suggest that your energy shell has been pierced – this can happen for any number of reasons – and that you are leaking. Energy therapy is provided by a trained energy worker to mend that leak

In the context of Energy Healing – it can be said that a person has an attachment, but that is not at all the same as having “something put on you”. There are many articles and books about negative energy habits, patterns and relationships. Each person must decide for themselves what they believe is true. 

Poor Choices: Chaotic Lives

Finally, sometimes we find ourselves on a “loosing streak” as a direct result of our own poor choices. Our drinking may have slipped out of control and we may have said or done things that cost us dearly. Sometimes it’s hard to get back up, especially if we keep drinking too much. 

Sometimes our relationship parter may be a poor choice. That partner may be taking too much time, attention and perhaps money before we are reading to send them packing. A toxic relationship can make it very easy for us to fall off course because we are distracted, or exhausted, and have a hard time concentrating on what is right.  

in conclusion

Even the best worker can be laid off due to economic hardships at their company. Hard times happen, and it can be difficult to get back up. After more than 27 years serving the public, I have helped people walk through some pretty hard times. I have learned we are often stronger, and better able to get back up than we think we are. 

I have also learned that we can change our future! We can change our minds, our manners, and our outlook and thereby change our world. Those people who say “Someone has done something”…. well, they are the ones who have done something aren’t they? They made you uncomfortable in a bad way.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t be afraid. I have published many blogs on scams and scammers. Have a look. If you want a consultation, or some Energy Healing, call me. (Text me if you must.) Or visit my website. 

Thank you! 

Ann George •  Usui Reiki Master • Professional Psychic Consultant • Medium 

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Shamanic Vision • Spiritual Consults

There are many reasons to request to this kind of care from an experienced “seer”. The outcome of consulting a psychic, of allowing him or her to mentor you through the difficult times is that you are working with someone who can see deeper than the everyday of things. 

An ethical Psychic Advisor has the advantage of hearing what you say and of hearing how you feel. He or She is able to “see” the life factors affecting you. We can “see” beyond what you tell us about your marriage, your career, your health or financial concerns with your permission.    

I don’t have to rely only on what you tell me and this ability to see the background, your partners, friends, family or co-workers takes the burden of giving the perfect explanation from your shoulders. I do need you to relax and open your mind to “show me” or to “remember” some important moments in your story I may need to see.

Sometimes people live repeating the same mistakes and getting the same results, time and again. Sometimes we can’t see a way off the treadmill of expectations, of demands, no can we find a way to interrupt the need to keep working even though we are no longer feeling successful. 

For some, there seems to be no joy left, no sense of adventure. Perhaps we have lost an opportunity or we are too tired to hope that another door will open Many people don’t have anyone to provide a spiritual (not religious) perspective, another window on their world and so they do the best they can, losing hope a little day by day. 

Often people become numb to passion, creativity, exploration, wandering, and wonder how they got “here”. Sometimes talking with a person who can give you a second look from a different perspective is very healing. You can find that there are answers to those questions

Today in American culture, many people feel an overwhelming sense of loss, a separation from the Divine.  This can happen even when people have all the accomplishments: gainful employment, a fine family, two cars, health insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, annual raises. Sometimes having all the externals American culture teaches are necessary to be happy…  prove to be empty. 

In fact, having external success can leave people feeling depressed and disconnected. No one understands how someone who “has it all” can be so unhappy. We read about people in those very “successful” shoes who are deeply unhappy.  American culture offers medication as the first solution to sadness.

Sadness, labeled depression, is not productive! Medication is a quick fix to get us all back to work, yet work can be contributing to our dissatisfaction.  We may still be looking for our place, our purpose. This questioning is important. Finding someone to listen is often difficult. A Spiritual Consultant may prove a good first choice.

To begin to address our discomfort, I suggest that we must remember that we are animals. We have instincts and needs that are natural animal needs and yet many of us are living in a steel and concrete environment where animal life is at risk. In most cities we have not valued parks, animal sanctuaries, protecting birds, small mammals, and sometimes we even forget to protect small humans. 

Many city dwellers never feel the Earth beneath bare feet, they don’t see the night sky filled with stars, nor do they experience Natural Sound nor that special silence when one can only hear bird song, wind in trees, the symphony of insects. Instead, the frequency of machine sounds, the over whelming constancy of metallic sound in our culture is sufficient to disrupt our natural spiritual connection. We are be bombarded and psychically abused by our inventions. 

Depending on where you live, you may always hear traffic when you are outdoors. That constant background sound alone is cause for tension and anxiety on a subtle level. For those who need more “space,” the intrusion of sound is exhausting. Almost every store plays music as do commercial buildings, medical offices, shops and shared ride services. It can be very hard just to access a natural quiet. Today we have “Noise Cancelling Headphones”… a product that was unthinkable 60 years ago. 

You may notice that even the music of today is seldom acoustic. Modern music is manipulated by computers to achieve a specific sound. That sound is not the sound of breath through woodwinds, fingers on strings, hands on drums… the kind of sounds people used to create. The sound has been layered, edited, or improved to sell. 

You may notice that human voices have been almost entirely replaced by computer voices in daily life. There are probably children today who do not know that human beings used to answer telephones. In fact people who answered phones were once highly valued! They were the voice of a company or a medical practice and they often made a between success or failure. 

Today, almost every call is answered by an “intelligent” computer that assures the caller that it can handle any question, or that you can speak to the machine as if it were a real person. We even have telephones, our own personal phones, equipped with computer voices to obey our commands and “find this” or “call my best friend” or “get me directions to”… anywhere. 

It is important to realize that many small incursions into our human need for human contact have been inserted into our lives to such extent that many people feel invisible. The machine voice is normal now. Decisions are made by reading labels, pushing buttons or tapping screens. People can’t talk to anyone at a company quickly, instead there are options, hold music, and finally a human voice. 

Today there is also an increase in “magical programming” on public or broadcast  television. There are shows about mediums, witches, super heroes, warriors, in short – all kinds of people with superpowers. There are also programs where “hunters” kill all these variants. As a society we are hungry for a return to magic and miracle, and we are spoon fed nonsense. At the same time, consulting a psychic is regarded as a joke, an amusement or a recipe for disaster. 

I list these examples to validate the disconnection you feel is real. In fact the accessories and amusements that you add to daily life can contribute to that uncomfortable, or detached feeling. In consumer culture “retail therapy” is presented as a solution. For a while the “hunt” for the special item is enough to satisfy our deeper longing for connection to the mystic, but it does’t satisfy. Our hunger for connection comes from a deeper need.

I invite you to consider there are other ways to return to the place of perception where you “hear” your Inner Voice, where you feel that spiritual connection to the greater world.  One way is to seek insight by talking with a professional consultant who is comfortable with all kinds of intuitions, “magic”, natural awareness, and who can serve as your guide to that deeper connection.

There are professional consultants who specialize in connection and who can help you see yourself in context of both the mundane/mechanical world and the greater natural one that is your birthright as a human animal. A true psychic will be able to read you, and see who you are. An experienced psychic offering Spiritual Consultation can help you reconnect, and can help you move forward, or move through the uncomfortable feelings you are having now. 

I often talk with people who begin by saying things like: “you may think I am crazy” or “I know this sounds really wierd” or “I don’t know how to talk about this”. If you choose to call me, I can assure you that your concerns will not be judged, won’t be considered “out of the box” or “crazy”. I do need you to make an appointment to have this kind of conversation so that I can give you my full attention. 

Many people who are having spiritual growth spurts can be labeled as “crazy” by modern culture because they don’t fit in the box any more. As well, talking about deeper feelings often makes others uncomfortable because the other person doesn’t know how to reply. 

Talking about death is an example of a topic most people back away from as quickly as possible. Talking about death and dying is really important, and your concerns are valid and should be heard regardless. Talking about the afterlife, about visions, dreams, intuitions and other “deep” or “cosmic” topics is a sure way make friendships suddenly awkward. 

Having spiritual insights, wanting to see your life through a different lens is really important. You deserve to have a conversation that addresses those concerns. 

As our Nation moves to greater extremes, and judgement, ridicule, abuse, and violence against those perceived as “other” is increasing, it may become hard to find the “seer,” the “mystic” or the “psychic”. We will always be here. We serve a purpose. We can show you the door to a place you remember in your dreams. 

I invite you to consider scheduling a “spiritual consultation” with an established professional… and to be very careful before booking. It is just fine to call ahead, to ask questions, see if your provider has some years in study and practice. It is critical that you do not surrender your good judgement, common sense, or an unreasonable amount of money. (Prices should be in keeping with professional counselors. $16.99 a minute is far too much to pay for psychic services.) For more information about my half hour session, please visit my website.

Thank you for your attention to my article. If you choose to book with me, or to explore my menu of services visit I also offer a few podcasts hosted on podbean. Visit for audio files. 

Thank you,

Ann George 

Ann George is not a LMSW, LCHW and I do not have a degree in mental health counseling of any kind. I am not a licensed psychotherapist, not a licensed psychologist and do not present my consulting service as a substitute for medical nor mental health care. If you are in a mental health crisis, please contact an emergency services provider.

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