“This May Sound Crazy” Know when to seek paranormal event consultation.

I often receive calls from clients that begin with just that phrase. Often people are having mystic, paranormal, or “strange” experiences and think they might be “going crazy”.  I am always glad when they give me a call. 

If you are experiencing unusual moments in time, regardless of whether things seem ghostly, or you feel haunted, jinxed, hexed, cursed, or just “lost in time”, a mystic seer may well be the best person to call. 

Who Can You Talk To?

Clairvoyants, psychics, and mystic people have often been surrounded by energies, vortex, elementals and spirits since they were children. Many have become accustomed to all manner of “other worldly” events.  What is seen as odd in Western culture is often acceptable without question in other world views. 

Some cultures have a very comfortable reaction set to experiences we call “visitations”.  In older cultures, the line between this world and the next is accepted as being thin, often the people who have visions are regarded gifted. 

In short, it is often very helpful to call and talk with a professional esoteric services provider (clairvoyant, psychic, seer or mystic) about your concerns.

People who provide professional psychic services speak with people on weekly basis who report these kinds of experiences.  Some providers may be willing to chat a few minutes and give you the reassurance and insight you need. Others may talk with you and then suggest yo make an appointment.

As for what is “crazy”,  I feel sure that when we all lived in closer relationship with the Earth, wandering the forests and meadowlands under star filled skies, working in concert with the movements of the Moon, when we were illuminated only by natural lights, we were far more accepting of the unseen. 

Now, If we can get out and away from city lights, the sound of cars and the smell of exhaust, we may begin to remember how to feel the magic of the world in the peace of Nature. 

My Services

Clairvoyant Tarot:
You may choose to order a Clairvoyant Tarot consultation to see the deeper meaning behind events you are experiencing.  There is a difference between a consultation and a reading. 

If you order a Clairvoyant Tarot reading to gain a better understanding of the paranormal events you are experiencing , I will be in “second attention”. In this case,  I drop my ideas, opinions, personal history, and any expectations of our session.

In second, or psychic attention I am able to access the Akashic Record. Once there, I am responsible to tell you what I find, regardless of my feelings about the revelations. This loss of self is required for psychic readings, energy healing (Usui Reiki) and clairvoyant Tarot readings.

In a paranormal event consultation, I am most surely present. I am offering my own experience, insight, and opinion regarding the circumstances you report. I have been studying the mystic since 1969. Born clairvoyant, I sought validation for my personal experiences.

My Background

Born clairvoyant I was driven to find anything that would validate my personal experience and my world view.  I realized at an early age that I was having a very different experience than the other people I knew.  I was hungry for books on spirituality of all kinds, hoping that someone would write about the world I saw.

I read the Old and New Testaments, the Book Of Mormon, books on physics, psychology, religion, and all manner of childrens books. Finding “A Wrinkle In Time” was very helpful.

I began to study ancient history and found some relief in the writings of people long past. I found help in the teachings of Native Americans that were coming to publicatoin in my teens.

I was drawn to explore the works of Carlos Castenada (I highly recommend you read all his work), and then on to  explore topics on Hermetics, The Golden Dawn, Alchemy and the Tree of Life. I began my study of Astrology about 30 years ago, and still have much to learn.

I am also a student of Middle Way teachings and have a working understanding of theistic and non-theistic world views. I will be in ordinary attention for a paranormal event consultation, so your session may have the feel of a conversation.

Be Mindful!

Ethical service provides will usually spend some time with you to answer questions you have about their services in general. They may ask a few questions to get to the heart of your concerns, and not need all the details at once. After an assessment, they will make a suggestion as to how you may best proceed.

Some providers who pose as psychics and spell casters are really out to run a con game. I invite you to be wary of those who are quick to propose that all your problems are caused by paranormal causes that only they (that particular reader alone)  can solve for you. In particular, if you are read as cursed or hexed, please seek a second opinion before parting with your money.

 How To Schedule Your Consultation

I am happy to talk with you to help you determine which appointment style would suit you. Please feel welcome to call my studio at 904-993-7466. To buy a session, call me. 

I offer readings and consultations by phone, or in person. I have a private office in Murray Hill located at 840 Edgewood Avenue South, Suite 217, Jacksonville, FL, 32205 where we can meet by appointment. 

I also offer readings and consultations on a Walk In basis every Thursday between Noon and 5:00 pm.  I have a small office at 1055 Park Street, Room 101, Jacksonville, FL 32204. If I am between sessions, I am happy to meet you. 

In Closing

Many practicing mystics offer a blog filled with answers to questions about the paranormal. I am glad you have found mine. I post regularly to a Tarot blog that also offers another perspective on what Western culture may press on us as weird.

I am not suggesting that psychic readings or mystic seers will be able to resolve mental health issues. In fact, a responsible consultant should suggest that you seek medical attention if your event report could indicate that a physical problem or illness could contribute to your concerns.

I am not a doctor, nor a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and am not qualified to offer medical advice. I have provided metaphysical counseling for decades now, and am comfortable sharing my experiences with you if need be.

Ann George

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Mystic Awareness • All is not as it seems.

Recognizing Non-Human Beings

Mystic teachers, scholars of ancient texts, as well as some organized religions in this world acknowledge the presence of non human beings on the Earth. (This a post about the manifestation of “other” consciousness in human form.)

I am in no way claiming that I am posting an original idea! This post addresses the stuff of myth and legend, spirit and daemon, as well as the other life energies that appear in our world.

Most everyone has had contact with an apparent human being who was instantly repulsive. That being “made my flesh crawl,” “had a bad vibe,” or “creeped me out.”

There are many ways to describe the feeling humans have when they interact with a consciousness appearing in human form.  My purpose is to invite you to realize that your intuitive reaction to this kind of experience is vital to your well-being.

If you have an instinctive revulsion to a creature that appears as human, please, do not approach this kind of being casually. It is best to walk around, move away, and most surely do not open the door!

A Non-Human Encounter

Here is a true story that serves as an example:

I was walking with a few friends down the sidewalk in a busy part of town where I  had earlier spotted an obvious non-human being who had been “loitering” there for many hours.

The individual was oddly dressed and had been making very strange chant style sounds through out the day.  He was a good sized younger person, capable of physical harm who had been wandering back and forth on the street from time to time, then returning to his power spot at a corner (cross roads) where he practiced his “music”.

There was no music to the sound, it was other worldly and mimicked an electronic noise. It was not “beat box” or any other new or modern style of sound.  A music lover, I found these noises immediately disturbing.

In this part of town, it is not uncommon to find street musicians, artists, homeless and panhandlers. People in the city have become accustomed to strangers sitting in front of closed stores to rest, beg, or provide entertainment.

In no way did this being manifest in a body that conformed to the expected. He was not polite, patient, retiring, or humble. His manner was demanding. He followed people, voiced to people (using that same vibrational tone), and had a confident demeanor that was not in keeping with his appearance.

Given all I had seen over four or five hours in the neighborhood,  I chose to walk to our destination on a path that enabled me to pass far from him.  As “he” was capable of projecting energy a good 10 feet, I preferred to cross the street first, then head toward our destination.

Trusting the Awareness of Others

Concerned that I was physically afraid of this being, a compassionate and physically strong man in our party reassured me that I was safe, and insisted we just walk right by. I agreed. I did not feel we were in physical danger, and did not want to stop to explain before passing.

We passed the “person” without physical incident.  However, once passed and some distance away,  I chose to share the why of my preference to avoid close passage as these friends trust me and understand my work.

I shared that his kind of frequency, sent intentionally toward others, could take energy from various chakras of passers by.

Through my filters, I “saw” him as a disruptive creature who was trying to “hook” or “capture” energy from passers by using these strange sounds. The vibrational nature of his toning was not unlike a didgeridoo in frequency.

I felt his disruption in my throat chakra, one of our company clearly felt unwell in the solar plexus chakra after passing the “man,” while another experienced a disturbance in her heart chakra. They did not make an immediate connection to his sounds and their feelings.

I am fortunate to be blessed with metaphysically awake people as friends. Most all are sensitive to the energy of stones, crystals, singing bowls and drum circle instruments. Had we been in a silent meadow, the still forest, walking along a pasture – the extreme nature of the “sounds” he generated would have been clear as day.

Had our little group walked beyond the physical reach of that toning, I suspect that we would have not felt as deep an energetic unease.

Tips to spot a Non-Human

That creature chose a busy intersection at a busy time of day to make this “music”. To a person in a hurry, someone wearing ear buds, those accustomed to city sounds, he may not have even been seen.  The impact of the toning would have been just as potent with our without noticing the source.

There are creatures who “feed” on human energy. Some indeed human – the drama queens of life (regardless of gender). These energy vampires will demand your attention by asking for help with awful, seemingly endless problems while rejecting any solution you provide. You leave the conversation exhausted, and with some sense of failure.

If you are truly trying to help a friend or family member and hear the “Yes, but….. “ reply, you can be mindful that your person is not really looking for a solution, rather time and attention.

As for non-human encounters, rest assured this kind of “feeding” encounter does not happen every day! In fact these kinds of interactions are rare for most. The more sensitive you become to energy fields, the more you practice Reiki, sound or energy healing, or work to develop your third eye, the more quickly you will be able to spot this kind of trouble.

Your instinct that something is wrong, regardless of what your mind tells you, is best trusted. If you need more careful examination of the situation, look to see what is irregular, perhaps subtle, and not quite what humans do.

Please notice, non-human beings are not all disruptive. In fact, we can have lovely angelic meetings as. It is far more often that I meet awakened beings in human form than I do the disruptive.

There are many, many published accounts from people who were saved by the intervention of “angelic” presence on earth than you might suspect!

Should you want to schedule an appointment to discuss or have a reading about paranormal events, non-human events or beings that are manifesting in your everyday life, I invite you to schedule that session at my second office in Murray Hill.

There I am able to provide a private, closed-door consultation. For some conversations, privacy is best. If you are having magical, ghostly, or other forms of paranormal contact, please begin to keep notes of all the experiences you have!

Note taking will help you recognize any patterns that may be present in these kinds of relationships.

To schedule, please call 904-993-7466.

Preview my new office on Facebook, and follow if you like. I post events and observations that you many enjoy.

Wishing peace for all people,

Ann George

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Vibration • The Power of Voice

Access to the Akashic is made possible with the question. 

As the world continues to change we are presented more and more often with two flat methods  of communication. 

One with “sound” without vibration and one which is a method of  communication that is completely silent. (Not even the crinkling of paper as we tear open an envelope.)

If you read ancient texts or review the history of language before and after the alphabet, you will find that people considered the spoken word a sacred sound. There was once an expression “You have my word” which implied that the greatest possible gift of honor was being offered.

It is the unique resonance of each voice, the emotion of compassion or impatience, understanding or exhaustion that is carried in the sound of the spoken word. There is vibration in the spoken word.

Each voice is different, each voice offers its own unique blessing and carries a personal power from the heart & throat of the speaker to the ear and mind of the listener.

Many human beings in “civilized societies” are unaware of the benefits of “voice communication” we are losing.

Computer voices now answer most phone calls and we follow prompts – pushing buttons to get to the resource we need to do business. Last century we called the operator and asked her to connect us to the party we sought.

Last century we were without devices that made talking unnecessary, and for some, no longer desirable.

We spoke to one another and became familiar with our friends, knowing them on a deeper level as we came to understand tones of voice and particular expressions. 

Intimacy was possible because we were engaged in vibrational experiences with one another called conversations.

Laughter was heard not read. In fact, laughing together was possible as we were both present, voice to voice to enjoy a joke, a relief, or just the happiness of hearing from an old friend. 

The importance of sharing vibration with other humans is critical to our well-being, our sense of connection, of value, of worthiness.

I am sure this is why singers and actors have been treasured for centuries. They can vibrate us out of our everyday minds and into new ones. 

Text messages on cell phones and typed email messaging on screens often take precedence over the use of the human voice for much communication this decades.

Perhaps in business this is an advantage, as we can read, respond, and file away notes about bills due, new “Privacy Policies” or what ever else arrives requiring response. We can sign petitions, join movements and make friends with others across the seas.  

As these flat methods of communication begin to dominate our lives they cause some of us to jump to respond to that special ringtone when a message has arrived. 

There is no real comfort found in a text that says,  “I am sorry for your loss.” This is a flat and detached comment. No one can “feel” the message. 

I am concerned the increased inability for many to feel or to show compassion for the suffering of others is, in part, a consequence of human beings losing access to the sound of voice.

In a psychic reading it is very important to voice your question. 

When you do so, several important events occur. The first is that you have stated your intention, the second is that you have invited me to participate in finding the answer to your question and finally, you have established a frequency that will carry us to the Akashic Records.

After you have asked the question, I will follow that frequency to try to find your answer. I may ask you to “show me” your loved one, your office, some person, place or event relevant to your question.

As you visualize the answer, you strengthen the frequency of the thought-form that guides us to that spot where the answer or answers lie. 

It may seem ironic that in a blog about the importance of sound and speech I need you to be silent for much of the reading experience. I submit that the power of the question, honed by your concentration creates the light we need to see the future.

When I find your answer, and tell you all that I have seen, then you may choose to ask for clarity, or ask another question. If I am unclear, please stop me and ask for clarity. If we need to ask a follow-up question, that is fine. 

If the answer met your needs, we can move on to the next topic. The process will be the same as I have just described. Regardless of whether we are reading in the silence and solitude of Suite 217 or the blessed back office Midnight Sun on Park Street, the sounding of the question and our concentration as we find the answer will bring what you seek. 

 Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

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