The Zoom Advantage for Psychic Sessions

Ann George Studios, Inc has been providing psychic readings by phone since 2000. This service began at the request of clients who moved to Orlando and other Florida cities making a drive to my office extremely difficult.

Phone readings were not common in the mid 1990s. I wanted to be sure this method would give my clients the same quality of care they had come to expect from “In Studio” visits. Happily, we discovered that phone readings were not only very accurate, but often they were easier for both of us. My clients were very satisfied with their readings, they found the quality the same or better. They were also very glad to read from home. I offer sessions by phone to this day. 

One advantage of the phone service was clients could call from the privacy of their homes and no one would know they had seen a psychic. If you order by charge card, the purchase reads “Ann George Studios, Inc.” which is a business standard name that doesn’t raise alarms. Last century, there was still a stigma attached to people who visited psychics. “Sneaking out” to come for a reading was very normal at that time.

Zoom and other live stream services make it possible for you to have “face to face” readings from home. I realize the special frequency that is possible when you visit my brick and mortar Studio can’t be realized by Zoom. We can get quite close to that feeling. I have created an “office” in Cyberspace. It has a good feeling, and a welcoming look. It is a little Oasis for you. I am very glad to have a new brick & mortar Studio. It is as fine an office as I could hope for, and I am sure you will be very, very comfortable there. (This is a photo of my Zoom Room background.*)

To continue with the Zoom Advantage – in addition to comfort and convenience, there is another benefit to choosing to Zoom. I can record our Zoom to the Cloud if you like.  You will know when recording beings, and recording can end at any time. Some clients record all their sessions and keep those readings for reference. Zoom gives us an audio and a video recording of each session. 

If you are camera shy, no worries. We can record the audio only. To do this, simply turn off your video. You will still have a recording of the information given. Sometimes you hear messages in the playback you might have missed at during the live reading.

Many transformations can occur during a reading. Using the Zoom video recording, you can see these changes for yourself! It’s easy to identify for yourself those answers that cause you to feel happiness, peace, and relief.  Often, at the end of a reading, a persons appearance has completely changed. Often people look like themselves again.

Whether your face shows relief, joy, happiness, or you have a special glow, almost everyone experiences a change of mood when they receive the answers they were looking for.  To be able to see these transformations for yourself is empowering. You get an extra validation, that of seeing yourself relax with validation.

It’s best to download your Zoom recording to your own device as soon as possible. The software only allows so much storage space per customer. If you download within the day, you will surely get to save the recording. As soon as you let me know your have your copy, I will delete the session. No one can access that recording unless they intercept the email containing the Zoom link. I hope you will give recording a try.

An important point for those new to psychic services and the idea of “predictions”. I do not predict anything. I am able to show you the outcome of your choices. All the answers you receive are based on your visualizations. If you ask to see the outcome of continuing your love relationship, and you continue to treat your loved one in the same was you are now, then the answer you receive is very likely to occur.

If you decide to treat your partner differently, or you decide to change the amount of time you invest in your relationship, or if you become bitter, resentful, jealous, or unpleasant – then you will change the future of your relationship and the answer I give you may not come to pass. This is true with all answers. The World is Constantly Coming. To have a say in how your World unfolds, a reading is a very useful tool. It is not a guarantee however. You have a larger part to play in the process.

If the answer you receive is the one you want, please keep doing what you are doing.

Feel welcome to contact me with any questions you have about my services before you book in. I want you to have a good experience, and as I have been reading for 26 years my style could be very different from many of the new ‘card readers’ offering services these days. 

If you do want more information, please call by phone. I do have a Podcast with short talks on topics of interest to new clients. I also have other blogs you may like to review. This Blog is useful for clients in Jacksonville, Florida in particular.

Ann George 

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  • The most important factor in any psychic session is the connection between the seeker and the reader. Whether you are right in front of me or a thousand miles away, if you are not able to relax and be fully present, it is much more difficult for me to provide accurate answer to your questions. 
  • The photo credit belongs to Behr paint. I use their products and am happy to share the quality colors they provide.

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When Tarot was not a toy…

In the Twenty Five years I have worked a Psychic Reader there have been many, many changes .. most seem to benefit corporations, the curious, and those who need pocket money. Readers are available on line, by phone, by email, and in person. How a reading is delivered is not the concern of this post.

What does concern me is this, many of the people selling readings are not psychic. Many can’t see the future. They dodge this fact by describing themselves with very flowery terms. Some of the descriptions are interesting, some humble, some just outrageous to me.

We, the seers, were most all born as seers. We did not have the option to stop knowing what was going to happen next. We could not help hearing people think. We all had to learn to live with that ability. Spirits of the dead, and other kinds of spirits came to us. We learned to live with their presence.

Know that in some cultures we are treasured. We are consulted before many major decisions are made. Our insights are valued and weighed, and questioned – but they are requested to empower the seeker. In some cultures, readers, oracles, psychics, seers are trusted to help others find peace with the hardships of life.

We are not a commodity. We are not something to sample. I had a client recently to said she loved to get readings. I told her most people hired me to see the future…. which is and has been true. She was surprised, and then I was surprised! We had a good moment about that, and then we had a good session.

I read the Akashic Record. I am able, for what ever reason, to access that place where everything is happening all at once and many futures are possible. Please know, the World is Constantly Coming. This is a very important concept to grasp, especially if you choose to consult a psychic to see the future.

This world is interdependent. Things really don’t just “happen”. Your life is a consequence of many smaller decisions that, when combined with the decisions of others, work to create the life we live now. Although it may seem that “things happen”, there really are no accidents.

The cards don’t tell you that. I hear people asking to see what the cards say today. They don’t say anything. They can reflect, and reveal and clarify……. but to really have the sacred experience of crossing the veil to see, there must be a question. You must know what you want to know.

I may start doing “Pulse” readings again as it seems people are needing someone to help them see what is happening to them. (Most all my clients, when we talk about it for a moment, quickly realize that they do know what is going on. They many not know what to do about it, but that becomes the ground for the question.)

The cards can reveal things, in the hands of someone who understands what they are looking at. When I say this I don’t mean that they get a particular feeling from looking at an image, I mean that reader understands the why of interpretation and the interdependence of the cards in a spread.

What seems to be happening is this. The “Establishment” or the “Patriarchy” needs to strip a powerful tool of it’s power and dilute it, sprinkle glitter on it, offer your Weekly Tarot Reading in a news feed! What better way to minimize a sacred act that to have it be free! One size fits all!

People are getting readings from co-workers, from “readers” who have to consult the book – really – consult the book while they are giving a reading to a customer. I understand there are not many full time Psychics… but those of us who are still working, are not helped by this rush of readers.

I have talked to people who believe they can “get a reading” on YouTube! This reader “Makes sense to me.” Or “I like what she has to say”. “Some of the things she says really fit my life”. Well……. of course. Readings given “in general’ will probably have something for everyone.

It’s hard for me to see people waving Tarot cards around, showing them off, laughing and talking about one thing or another. The profit is there, of course. One can “Monetize” their YouTube channel. However, when we slept under the stars, and the stream was our music, and the songs of birds announced the morning, we knew better than to play with the sacred.

I understand that we need to be amazed. I understand that this plastic world holds little hope of true “magic”, but it’s here. Seers and oracles are here. Most of us who have lasted a decade or two have “rules” of conduct we observe, and gentle guidelines for our clients so they can have the best experience possible.

While it’s true that many psychics do not use tools, some do. When I began to study occult arts some 50 years ago, there was a culture of respect for the Book of Tarot. There were some tried and true decks and most of those were accurate and based on sacred teachings. A few were “off” a bit, but they were used as stepping stones to the Akashic.

Today we have all sorts of toy decks. They are pretty, they are new, they are witchy, or dark, or for cat lovers. I have seen baseball tarot! Tarot decks are being created and sold as decorations to be collected. The images are for the “intuitives” to get a feeling about a message for the seeker. The foundations are a joke.

There are all kinds of gimmick readings you can buy now. They have cute names. All sorts of new terms have cropped up to keep you interested and coming back for more. “Twin Flame” readings are popular. Twin Flame is pretty new term designed to hook your attention and keep you coming back to find yours. As well, there are all kinds of curses and spells you can buy.

These kinds of things are an abuse and a perversion of a still powerful art. What those with a “Learn to Read Tarot” book don’t understand is that everything rests on the point of intention. I think the people who are doing trick readings are probably safe simply because they cannot cross the threshold. (I hope that is true.)

What they are also doing is making a once vital, powerful and sacred act a silly game. I hate to see that. I suppose I am writing to let off a little steam. I am also hoping you who read this will know that there is a path beyond the everyday, and there are people here who can help you find yours, and can help you learn to walk it well.

The true seers do not foster dependence. They don’t frighten or confuse. The charge enough to pay the rent, and maybe to buy a dinner out from time to time. A good reader has many clients, so no need to make his or her money on just one or two.

I have always found it difficult to charge much….. but recently I did I bit of math and realized my services are more valuable that a family dinner at fast food restaurant. I offer readings in blocks of time. Everyone can afford the short one, of course a mani-pedi may have to wait a week.

Finally I have an elegant office down town for those who do understand that a lot more can happen that just looking at cards. To experience the crossing with your physical body is a powerful moment. I have a safe place for us to share that. I am taking in person appointments. I do request your call to to book that session. I offer in person Psychic Readings with Tarot Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Blackstone Building, down town Jacksonville, Florida.

Please allow your self the opportunity to experience Tarot as it has been used for centuries. Please, allow yourself to make your dreams come true.

Ann George

To book a remote session, please visit For a session at the Blackstone, please call me.

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What is a Spiritual Consultation?

One of the most misunderstood and seldom utilized services a professional psychic provides is the Spiritual Consultation. This is a consultation done in psychic attention, but not one where the primary purpose is to see the future. 

Why would a person buy a Spiritual Consultation? There are so many reasons! I will list a few. Sometimes people feel “stuck”, as if they are repeating the same mistakes and getting the same results. People can’t see a way off the treadmill of their everyday life and there may be no joy left, no sense of adventure, opportunity or hope. Many people are embarrased by their discomfort and don’t have anyone to provide a spiritual (not religious) perspective. 

Sometimes people feel lost, or out of touch with themselves. They wonder if they are “on the right path” or if they are with the “right partner,” almost as if life has become a pass/fail experience. Often people become numb to passion, creativity, exploration, wandering, and wonder how they got “here”. There are answers to those questions and sometimes talking with a person who can give a second look from a different perspective can be very healing. 

Today in American culture, many people feel an overwhelming sense of loss, a separation from the Divine.  This can happen even when people have all the accomplishments: gainful employment, a fine family, two cars, health insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, annual raises. Sometimes having all the externals American culture teaches are necessary to be happy prove to be empty. 

In fact, having external success can leave people feeling depressed and disconnected. No one understands how someone who “has it all” can be so unhappy…… and people in those very “successful” shoes are often deeply unhappy.  American culture offers medication as the first solution to sadness. Sadness, labeled depression, is not productive! Medication is a quick fix to get us all back to work, yet work can be contributing to this dissatisfaciton.  

To begin to address our discomfort, I suggest that we must remember that we are animals. We have instincts and needs that are natural animal needs and yet many of us are living in a steel and concrete environment where animal life is at risk. In most cities we have not valued parks, animal sanctuaries, protecting birds, small mammals, and sometimes we even forget to protect small humans. 

Many city dwellers never feel the Earth beneath bare feet, they don’t see the night sky filled with stars, nor do they experience Natural Sound nor that special silence when one can only hear bird song, wind in trees, the symphony of insects. Instead, the frequency of machine sounds, the over whelming constancy of metallic sound in our culture is sufficient to disrupt our natural spiritual connection. We are be bombarded and psychically abused by our inventions. 

Depending on where you live, you may always hear traffic when you are outdoors. That constant background sound alone is cause for tension and anxiety on a subtle level. For those who need more “space,” the intrusion of sound is exhausting. Almost every store plays music as do commercial buildings, medical offices, shops and shared ride services. It can be very hard just to access a natural quiet. Today we have “Noise Cancelling Headphones”… a product that was unthinkable 60 years ago. 

You may notice that even the music of today is seldom acoustic. Modern music is manipulated by computers to achieve a specific sound. That sound is not the sound of breath through woodwinds, fingers on strings, hands on drums… the kind of sounds people used to create. The sound has been layered, editied, or improved to sell. 

You may notice that human voices have been almost entirely replaced by computer voices in daily life. There are probably children today who do not know that human beings used to answer telephones. In fact people who answered phones were once highly valued! They were the voice of a company or a medical practice and they often made a between success or failure. 

Today, almost every call is answered by an “intelligent” computer that assures the caller that it can handle any question, or that you can speak to the machine as if it were a real person. We even have telephones, our own personal phones, equipped with computer voices to obey our commands and “find this” or “call my best friend” or “get me directions to”… anywhere. 

It is important to realize that many small incursions into our human need for human contact have been inserted into our lives to such extent that many people feel invisible. The machine voice is normal now. Decisions are made by reading labels, pushing buttons or tapping screens. People can’t talk to anyone at a company quickly, instead there are options, hold music, and finally a human voice. 

Today there is also an increase in “magical programming” on public or broadcast  television. There are shows about mediums, witches, super heroes, “warriors,” all kinds of people with superpowers. There are also programs where “hunters” kill all these variants. As a society we are hungry for a return to magic and miracle, and we are spoon fed nonsense. At the same time, consulting a psychic is regarded as a joke, an amusement or a recipe for disaster. 

I list these examples to validate the disconnection you feel is real. In fact the accessories and amusements that you add to daily life can contribute to that uncomfortable, or detached feeling. In consumer culture “retail therapy” is presented as a solution. For a while the “hunt” for the special item is enough to satisfy our deeper longing for connection to the mystic, but it does’t satisfy. Our hunger for connection comes from a deeper need.

I invite you to consider there are other ways to return to the place of perception where you “hear” your Inner Voice, where you feel that spiritual connection to the greater world.  One way is to seek insight by talking with a professional consultant who is comfortable with all kinds of intuitions, “magic,” natural awareness, and who can serve as your guide to that deeper connection.

There are professional consultants who specialize in connection and who can help you see yourself in context of both the mundane/mechanical world and the greater natural one that is your birthright as a human animal. A true psychic will be able to read you, and see who you are. An experienced psychic offering Spiritual Consultation can help you reconnect, and can help you move forward, or move through the uncomfortable feelings you are having now. 

I often talk with people who begin by saying things like: “you may think I am crazy” or “I know this sounds really wierd” or “I don’t know how to talk about this”. If you choose to call me, I can assure you that your concerns will not be judged, won’t be considered “out of the box” or “crazy”. I do need you to make an appointment to have this kind of conversation so that I can give you my full attention. 

Many people who are having spiritual growth spurts can be labeled as “crazy” by modern culture because they don’t fit in the box any more. As well, talking about deeper feelings often makes others uncomfortale because the other person doesn’t know how to reply. 

Talking about death is an example of a topic most people back away from as quickly as possible. Talking about death and dying is really important, and your concerns are valid and should be heard regardless. Talking about the afterlife, about visions, dreams, intuitions and other “deep” or “cosmic” topics is a sure way make friendships suddenly awkward. 

Having spiritual insights, wanting to see your life through a different lens is really important. You deserve to have a conversation that addresses those concerns. 

As our Nation moves to greater extremes, and judgement, ridicule, abuse, and violence against those perceived as “other” is increasing, it may become hard to find the “seer,” the “mystic” or the “psychic”. We will always be here. We serve a purpose. We can show you the door to a place you remember in your dreams. 

I invite you to consider scheduling a “spiritual consultation” with an established professional… and to be very careful before booking. It is just fine to call ahead, to ask questions, see if your provider has some years in study and practice. It is critical that you do not surrender your good judgement, common sense, or an unreasonable amount of money. (Prices should be in keeping with professional counselors. $16.99 a minute is far too much to pay for psychic services.) 

Thank you for your attention to my article. If you choose to book with me, or to explore my menu of services visit I also offer a few podcasts hosted on podbean. Visit for audio files. 

Thank you,

Ann George 

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This short podcast covers the basics of how a mediumship session unfolds when you book with me. I hope you find it helpful. If you still have questions about the work, please feel welcome to call my Studios at US 904-993-7466. I look forward to helping.    Ann George 
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