Ann George Studios, Inc has been providing psychic readings by phone since 2000. This service began at the request of clients who moved to Orlando and other Florida cities making a drive to my office extremely difficult.

Phone readings were not common in the mid 1990s. I wanted to be sure this method would give my clients the same quality of care they had come to expect from “In Studio” visits. Happily, we discovered that phone readings were not only very accurate, but often they were easier for both of us. My clients were very satisfied with their readings, they found the quality the same or better. They were also very glad to read from home. I offer sessions by phone to this day. 

One advantage of the phone service was clients could call from the privacy of their homes and no one would know they had seen a psychic. If you order by charge card, the purchase reads “Ann George Studios, Inc.” which is a business standard name that doesn’t raise alarms. Last century, there was still a stigma attached to people who visited psychics. “Sneaking out” to come for a reading was very normal at that time.

Zoom and other live stream services make it possible for you to have “face to face” readings from home. I realize the special frequency that is possible when you visit my brick and mortar Studio can’t be realized by Zoom. We can get quite close to that feeling. I have created an “office” in Cyberspace. It has a good feeling, and a welcoming look. It is a little Oasis for you. I am very glad to have a new brick & mortar Studio. It is as fine an office as I could hope for, and I am sure you will be very, very comfortable there. (This is a photo of my Zoom Room background.*)

To continue with the Zoom Advantage – in addition to comfort and convenience, there is another benefit to choosing to Zoom. I can record our Zoom to the Cloud if you like.  You will know when recording beings, and recording can end at any time. Some clients record all their sessions and keep those readings for reference. Zoom gives us an audio and a video recording of each session. 

If you are camera shy, no worries. We can record the audio only. To do this, simply turn off your video. You will still have a recording of the information given. Sometimes you hear messages in the playback you might have missed at during the live reading.

Many transformations can occur during a reading. Using the Zoom video recording, you can see these changes for yourself! It’s easy to identify for yourself those answers that cause you to feel happiness, peace, and relief.  Often, at the end of a reading, a persons appearance has completely changed. Often people look like themselves again.

Whether your face shows relief, joy, happiness, or you have a special glow, almost everyone experiences a change of mood when they receive the answers they were looking for.  To be able to see these transformations for yourself is empowering. You get an extra validation, that of seeing yourself relax with validation.

It’s best to download your Zoom recording to your own device as soon as possible. The software only allows so much storage space per customer. If you download within the day, you will surely get to save the recording. As soon as you let me know your have your copy, I will delete the session. No one can access that recording unless they intercept the email containing the Zoom link. I hope you will give recording a try.

An important point for those new to psychic services and the idea of “predictions”. I do not predict anything. I am able to show you the outcome of your choices. All the answers you receive are based on your visualizations. If you ask to see the outcome of continuing your love relationship, and you continue to treat your loved one in the same was you are now, then the answer you receive is very likely to occur.

If you decide to treat your partner differently, or you decide to change the amount of time you invest in your relationship, or if you become bitter, resentful, jealous, or unpleasant – then you will change the future of your relationship and the answer I give you may not come to pass. This is true with all answers. The World is Constantly Coming. To have a say in how your World unfolds, a reading is a very useful tool. It is not a guarantee however. You have a larger part to play in the process.

If the answer you receive is the one you want, please keep doing what you are doing.

Feel welcome to contact me with any questions you have about my services before you book in. I want you to have a good experience, and as I have been reading for 26 years my style could be very different from many of the new ‘card readers’ offering services these days. 

If you do want more information, please call by phone. I do have a Podcast with short talks on topics of interest to new clients. I also have other blogs you may like to review. This Blog is useful for clients in Jacksonville, Florida in particular.

Ann George 

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 

233 East Bay Street, Suite 920 D, Jacksonville, FL 32202 • All Rights Reserved

  • The most important factor in any psychic session is the connection between the seeker and the reader. Whether you are right in front of me or a thousand miles away, if you are not able to relax and be fully present, it is much more difficult for me to provide accurate answer to your questions. 
  • The photo credit belongs to Behr paint. I use their products and am happy to share the quality colors they provide.

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