I received a call today from someone who wanted a ‘walk in reading’. I have offered those in the past. I used to work at a local import store and the counter staff at the front desk were kind enough to keep a list of clients for me. We had “Walk-In Thursday. I thought it was a very good arrangement which lasted many years. Covid broke that.

If you have followed my Social Media pages you have no doubt seen all the different locations where I have tried to rent an office. I really don’t want to open a big store now. There are plenty of vendors with far more knowledge and experience in buying and selling crystals, stones, incense and occult books and accessories than I have now.

Being “in house” at a shop like that worked well for everyone for a good while. However, it is always best for me to have a location that is mine. It is best to have a place where I make the rules, set the tone, create the space and ensure that all my clients feel safe and welcome. I read the Akashic Record. I am able to find loved ones who have left this world for the next. I prefer to “own” the space I read from because I can be sure it is “safe” and “clean” and that you will have the best experience I can provide. This is a completely confidential service as well.

The Blackstone Building offers all those benefits and sessions there are by appointment. All sessions of all kinds are by appointment. I am not an amusement reader. I am not a “killing time” reader. I am a twenty-five plus years of experience reader. This means that I am usually able to find what you are looking for and am very happy to help.

Some of my clients have been working with me for decades and we are able to find many answers in a short period of time. Some clients do understand that visualizing the backstory is an excellent way to present information and that it is the connection between seeker and reader that determines the quality of the reading.

I do many readings about loving relationships. We are social creatures and love to love ( most of us ). It can be hard to trust our intuition some times. If we have had a series of “love relationships” that have ended badly, it is reasonable to feel discouraged. We can sometimes feel there is no one out there for us. Sometimes this is true.

Yesterday I saw an advertisement at the bottom of something although I don’t recall if I was looking at broadcast television or some Internet search results. A 1-800 Psychic Hotline service was offering a sale to help you be sure you were with the right love partner. It was an offer for those in the “early dating” phase of building a relationship.

Please allow me to offer some experienced advice. If, in early dating, you are so genuinely uncomfortable about the person you are seeing that you want to order a reading to check it out, please just take a break. Most people are on their best behavior in the early days. Our inner alarms are usually on High Alert at this time. If you aren’t comfortable at the start of a new love relationship, please trust your intuition and move on?

More often we are replaying the last failed relationship by dating the same personality in a different package. American media presents couples as the Ideal. The marriage and family goals are still glorified as symbols of success. However, what has also happened is that as a people, as a country, we are no longer a small farm culture. We no longer think we need another pair of hands to do the work of surviving on our homestead. We believe that all we have to do is go to the store and buy our food. This is true for many.

I suppose now that Tarot is everywhere, and all kinds of decks are for sale, be they “right” or “wrong” they are out there. Some people want to know “what the cards have to say”. I am glad that I can find those answers as well. Please remember that you are the most important person in any reading. It is your hopes, dreams, habits and patterns that determine the outcome of your life.

You can ask to see the outcome of continuing to date a new partner. I will tell you what I see. Please remember that so many factors contribute to the success of a dating choice that if it won’t start well. I you can stay true to your values and hopes, then your relationship may very well turn out just as you hope.

Please feel welcome to call my office to schedule. Of course you can schedule right from my hope page, and soon I will have a “Book Now” button right here.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it was helpful.

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