I recently received this note from a visitor to one of my sites:
” I have something to ask you. It started when I was in college this past year as a freshman. And I remember walking around campus one day and I felt this buzz from the back of my head, I want to say it felt like an small electric buzz like something was being unplugged from the back of my head. And later on the night I heard a mans voice tell me to get up and go see god. It sounded like a pastor or someone but he kept telling me to get up and stop what I am doing and go to him and not to waste my life.

So i was freaking out and went back into my dorm room to sleep but he came back again but this time he sounded like he was echoing in the room, like he was talking surround sound. I heard a woman crying which reminding me of my mother, and just a church of people crying, I felt like I was at my funeral but i wasnt freaking out too much because i was still trying to understand the sounds and figure out what was going on with me.

But after that I have been able to understand people and thier emotions without having to say much to them, I can look into a happy person face and see them crying on the inside and im always right. I sometimes speak on and on about something to someone about them and I will have no idea where it is coming from, the words are never my own thoughts but I am always right about that person and about how they feel and what they are going through? Do you understand what I am saying? I try to explain this to my friends and family and some get me but others say I lose them but I just need someone to tell me that they know what is going on with me please! “

This is another example of a question that I am able to answer in general terms. In others words, I am able to speak to the issue of psychic awakening. I will not fully address the issue of psychic development, ethic and self-protection in this post. For the best response to the question above, and for personal assistance, the author is advised to schedule a paranormal event counseling session with a qualified consultant.

From the contents of the letter, regardless of how the “awakening” or “opening” occurred… in this case a clear change in the energy column of the seeker, people open to clairvoyant ability in a number of ways. The important thing is that once this change has occurred; that being the change from the ability to live in “normal” attention to the the new ability to live in a state of heightened awarenss, decisions must be made.

To answer the questions “What’s wrong with me?”, under the circumstances reported, I would say nothing is “wrong” at all. In fact, many people hope to have this kind of experience to be better able to help others. Signs that something is wrong after an opening of this kind could be symptoms of depression, inability to focus, retreat from friends and family, inability to perform daily tasks, disorganized thinking, hallucinations.. or other behaviours that cause friends to comment with concern on new behaviours.

Fortunately, none of these symptoms are reported in the letter, so I am answering based on the assumption that the seeker is fully functional, and suddenly “blessed” with a new ability.

A second point must be addressed here, and this is my own preference.. a result of my own process of living a clairvoyant life.

Given this note:
” I sometimes speak on and on about something to someone about them and I will have no idea where it is coming from, the words are never my own thoughts but I am always right about that person and about how they feel and what they are going through?”
I do not offer information unless asked. I have found, for my nature and personality, that is is far better to wait for a client to order a session and ask me to “see” for them, than to volunteer my insights.

There are two reasons for this. The first is based on basic human nature… few people appreciate or follow “free advice” or unasked of advice. In Western culture this is often regarded as offensive or intrusive at best.. and insulting at worst.

The second, is that I want to be certain to do no harm. In my journey of “seeing” I have seen many beautiful things….. and many horrible things.. painful insults people have suffered in their past, events best not brought to light without careful consideration. I prefer to err on the side of caution, and to allow people to ask me what they want to know.

Finally, I have found that many people absolutely believe that psychism is false.. that it is not possible to see the future, have clairvoyant abilities and are prone to ridicule the gifted. So.. seeker, please take very good care of yourself. If people don’t “get” you.. perhaps is would be best to find a Spiritualist Church, or some other open faith where your gifts are seen as natural, and worthy of development.

For more information on this topic, please explore this blog.. or perhaps visit the Energy Healing section of my primary website.. Ann George Studios, Inc.


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