Dear Readers,

While I am always happy to address paranormal questions on the blog, I should point out that I am really only able to provide generally relevant answers to questions, as each incident is ultimately as unique and important as the human being experiencing the event.

If you look through this blog, you will see that there are a few posts written in reply to people with concerns that supernatural energies are affecting their lives in unexpected or unwelcome ways. Often, the concerns people experience have a similar theme… but with slightly different manifestations of disincarnate energy.

If you would like to explore your issue thoroughly, I do offer two different Paranormal Event consultation sessions to specifically address your concerns. These consultations are open for you to ask any kind of question about a supernatural event, to share your experience, or to receive suggestions as to how you may best proceed along your own path to spiritual awakening.

After a lifetime of clairvoyant living, many paranormal & supernatural encounters, and many consultations with people from all walks of life who have had unusual phenomena occur, a feel quite qualified to offer metaphysical consultation sessions.

Please notice that I am not a licensed mental health worker, psychologist, or any other sort of degreed counselor. I do not pretend to be able to solve all your problems, but I am able to give experienced insights into a tremendous variety of unusual events.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. I hope you find it useful.


One thought on “Paranormal Event Counseling is available.

  1. Dear Readers,

    I recently received the post below to this blog. It raises a number of issues, some of which I will address in this post. The first point of dicsuccsion:

    “I do believe that a certain person from my past that read my cards after bringing havoc upon my life has cursed me. He and his wife have their reasons and I have no doubt that after I let him read my cards (without wanting to) I believe he, or both of them now have a hold on my life.

    • I would like first to address the issue of a curse being cast using Tarot cards. It is not my experience that the sacred book of Tarot is used to cast curses.
    Never allow anyone to read you against your will. I see advertisements and popular television programs where “psychics” and “mediums” just walk up to someone, uninvited, and offer a reading. This seems to me abusive, invasive, and very arrogant. I don’t offer readings in that way. If a client comes to me with a question, and has a clear understanding of the kind of service I offer, my intent, and is willing to be open to the process, then an excellent reading can happen. The purpose of reading, Tarot or otherwise, must be to benefit the seeker.
    • Tarot does not give anyone a hold over another person’s life. Some other abusive action may have been taken by the reader, but the Tarot is a neutral tool. The abusive reader may cause harm… but Tarot is not the weapon.

    I need to cut off this curse so to speak but I do not know how. I have had intense night terrors since this card reading and very obvious bad luck in life since the day I met these people. Even more so since I made them angry. How do I cut them off from my life? In a spiritual sense?

    • First, it seems the best choice is for the author of the note to disconnect from this couple in a material sense. Stop all contact, refuse calls, return letters, block texts and bounce emails. It is not useful to allow people who you believe mean you harm access to your body, speech or mind.

    • It is my experience that an honest, ethical, energy healer is able to relive these kinds of problems. Some healers use Usui Reiki to clear the space and restore one’s energy body to a natural healthy balance.

    • Other healers may use SRT, sound energy healing, or other forms of shamanic healing to restore psychic health. Please be aware that the fees for this kind of service should be comparable to the fee to see a doctor or dentist. “Psychics” who try to charge thousands of dollars to remove curses are – in my opinion – profiteering from another’s misfortune.

    The note continues:

    I am quite spiritually aware and have been since a young age (assuming it was passed down from me through to family ties) and I know in my heart that these people have cast something on me for not doing what they want from me. They talked about casting spells on people and have been involved in witchcraft heavily themselves since a young age. Also I had been warned by them. I don’t think they have a right to have this power over my life but since letting him see into mine through the cards it has never been the same. I hope I find some answers and if you can help me I will truly be eternally grateful. I just want at least one peaceful night’s sleep?”

    • While it is possible that the couple referred to in this letter have, in fact, taken actions to cause energetic harm to the author of this note, it is more likely that in choosing to “open” to the couple, the author became vulnerable to them.

    • I always encourage anyone who come to me with these kinds of concerns to take any, or all, of the following actions:

    1) Pray to the God or Gods of your faith for blessing, protection, healing and peace at least three times a day.

    2) Please realize that the more thought you give to the curse, the more power you give that energy wound. It is best to neutralize the curse by mentally retraining your mind to see your life through a neutral filter that does not reference those people you believe have harmed you.

    3) Consult an Usui Reiki healer and ask if they are comfortable doing a house blessing, or an energy healing to restore you to your proper balance. Some people prefer to call a priest to do a house blessing, or to go to a church, or temple to make offerings and prayers.

    4) Know that every action has a consequence. Those who do harm, ultimately will suffer the karma of their misdeeds. This comment is not meant to cause anyone to hope for suffering, but again to neutralize the “power” of those who have caused harm.

    5) Purchase a good smudging incense and use it regularly to keep your home, office, car and of course your energy body as clear as possible.

    It is very important for all of us to “listen” to that inner voice that tells us when to walk away. (To the author: Please forgive me for not speaking directly to all the matters you brought up. This post is intended as a general comment on curses and how best to deal with them. I realize I may not have spoken to all your concerns. I hope you find this reply helpful.)

    To the public: The Tarot is an excellent tool for divination. I have used it successfully over almost 20 years. It is very difficult for me personally to see this fine resource linked to harmful actions. I realize TV and Hollywood have had a good time present Tarot as some sort of unclean or dangerous resource. This is simply not the case.

    It is far more likely that an evil person will use any means to prey upon the vulnerable.

    Thank you for your kind attention to my reply.

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