I am happy to answer this question from a visitor to my site and hope the answer is to others:

” Hi,
I hope this won’t seem strange to you but I have a question. I am psychic and my 15 yr. old daughter is. For many years living in this home, I feel I am absorbing negative energy. My daughter came to me crying and said she hates being here,she gets bad feelings.I have always hated being here also.

Since we are psychic we pick up all energies, good and bad. Please tell me what to do to get rid of this negative energy in this home. It is affecting me and my daughter. I have had priest bless but I don’t think that will help. I was told I have a vortex in my home. Anything you can tell me will help.
Thank you.”

This note really contains two questions in one. Other posts on this site, as well as links out to other articles, address some of the issues of psychic self-defense, cleansing the home of unwanted negative energies and other issues of psychic self-protection. Today, I am able to suggest that sometimes, the best decision is simply to move.

There are times when homes become negative. This can occur slowly over a period of time, or be a direct result of an incident. Really, the changes can occur subtly over a perion of time, or a negative vortex can simply manifest.

These are the moments when the best decision is to leave that environment, and seek another that feels more comfortable. There is no defeat in relocation, and often many blessings.

I close with best wishes for joy on your journey.

Ann George


8 thoughts on “Negative Energy in the Home – when to move

  1. When I go to get a paid reading from a psychic/clairavoyant, etc., the first thing out of their mouths is… you have the gift as well, do you know this?
    So here is my problem… My “gift” usually manifests as a horrible nightmare where I am inside another person’s body and that person is usually in a terrifying or fatal situation. The worst one was when I was a young guy (23) and he was being shot to death. I knew his name, his looks, his thoughts, everything. It was like I was him, I was there, and saw/went through it myself. I told a friend who was a police officer and when he searched the data base, he found this guy. He had been murdered the prior evening – seemingly the time I was dreaming it, or thereabouts. I hate this because my “gift” allows me to live inside of someone as they are dying or terrified, but I cannot HELP beforehand! I have not attempted to develop it because it scares me. Now, I have been tugged at while trying to sleep by something that wasn’t there. My daughter (17) has had something grab her shoulder when nobody was there… and the woman I had a reading with today told me flat out that there is a ghost in my house. I already pretty much could tell, but since I am supposedly “gifted” what should I do? Do I try to develop it better, leave it alone, talk to a ghost? This all seems too weird.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Your honest sharing of your experience will certainly benefit others who are having similar experiences on their spiritual journey.

      All people experience the “gift” differently, and many find that it isn’t such a blessing at first. After working with many people over the years it does happen that the manifestation of the gift changes over time. This may provide you some comfort.

      As your experience of the gift seems very difficult to bear, it is quite reasonable that you would choose not to develop it. The best way to accomplish this is to pray that the gift be removed.

      Some clairvoyant people strike bargains with the “spirit world,” “diving unfolding,” or the cosmos at large and agree to accept the gift if there can be some way they are able to put the gift to good use.

      You may prefer this option. As you did not disclose your spiritual practice in your note, I cannot make suggestions based on the path you follow.

      However, if you are without a path or spiritual support group, this may be the time to explore established spiritualist churches or groups in your area so that you do not have to work through this unique psychic ability alone.

      As I am replying in general to your post, allow me to close by saying that others have similar abilities, although they may not manifest an awareness of the other person at the exact moment of death, other people do have a keen sense of being present in the lives of others.

      If there is anything you could do to benefit the dying person, it might well be to remain calm, and if possible to vibrate at a loving frequency so that the person you are experiencing has a bit of comfort at the end of life.

      There are many excellent books on alternative points of view about death and dying. One I found to be very, very helpful in my work is “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche ( not to be confused with the Tibetan Book of the Dead.)

      I realize that I have not addressed your question about talking with a ghost yet.. and under the circumstances, it may be best to leave the ghost alone at present.

      The first decision it seems best to make is whether you want to explore your gift or to pray that it be removed. If you choose to proceed with psychic development, it is wise to apprentice with a recognized psychic, healer, teacher, mystic in your area if possible.

      Again, thank you for writing. If you do want to explore this matter further, please feel welcome to contact me to schedule a spiritual consult.

  2. I know many times the person is not in a position to move and so they do try to rectify the situation themselves. I have known many who have had luck ridding the negative energy and so who had none because the negative energy and negative entities they thought they perceived were the negative energies of their own making. I at one point in time was being tortured (what it felt like to me emotionally) by what my own negative emotions I was putting out was creating. Many times you can rectify something like that just by working on changing your attitude and becoming more positive both inside and out. I was hoping you would say how you would deal with something like this if the person could not move.

  3. Interesting blog article. Im very empathic, so when I feel negative energy in the house, I like to work with sage and bless the house. I also call on Archangel Michael to remove any negative entitys or spirits and/or lower vibrations. If it threatens your health and wellbeing, then yea moving would probably be a last resort.

  4. Hello Sherry,

    Thank you very much for your note. My answer to “move” in reply to the letter above was determined by three statements on the part of the writer.

    1) Of immediate concern was that a priest had blessed the house and the author had no faith that this blessing would prove useful. In my experience, a house blessing by a priest is one of the most useful actions to take.

    2) Both the author and her daughter report that they “hate” living there. If one hates being in a place their hearts are telling them to move. The mind is not listening.

    3) The situation has been ongoing for many years and both mother and daughter report absorbing the negative energy.

    I believe that people have “power places” as well as places that exhaust and drain them as an energetic fact. If one is truly living in/on a negative energy vortex, then it is quite likely that moving will bring the greatest relief.

    If a person is unable to move, then the antidote to a situation like this one would not be one that I would post to a public blog as it would be quite long, would require more input from the author, and could easily be misunderstood.

    Sometimes ordering a Space Cleansing from a qualified Energy Healer is a good first step if one cannot move, but to ensure the space stays clear, changes must also happen in the lifestyle/mindstream of the residents.

    Ann George

  5. Hello, Ann George,

    I have a question along the same lines.

    First, a little background:
    I have lived in my 100-year-old home for 14 years and there is definitely some sort of draining/bad energy here. There have been many strange electrical occurrences, a black rat which came up through the toilet once (while I was using it) and even a ghost sighting by a believable source. Several people who have lived here with me over the years have experienced physical issues which I believe to be a result of the home’s strange energy and two years ago I had a prolonged, unexplained illness which was both scary and expensive.

    I have finally sold my home and my wife of two years and I will be moving out next week. My question is this: there is a nice metal/wood work bench in the basement which was here when I bought the home. I have used it the entire time that I’ve lived here and would like to take it with us to our new home, but we are nervous (paranoid?) that bad energy might be attached to it.

    It would cost about $400 to find a replacement of the same quality so I’m torn as to what to do. Do you have any thoughts/advice on the matter?

    Thank you in advance for any insights which you may offer.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your note. I am happy to answer your question from both a spiritual and a mundane point of view.
      First, spiritually speaking, it is always best to leave behind everything that was original to the home when you took occupancy. It is particularly wise to leave items that either conduct or hold electricity. This puts the metal/wood work bench in that category, and therefore the bench is best left. Mirrors would also be included at the top of that list (as glass is truly a liquid, and only appears solid.)

      In keeping with other notes posted about the power of “portal” homes to pull, or to try to maintain a connection with a family that lived there, the bench may or may not be an “attached” object. So, if you really do want freedom and health, ask yourself if the bench ($400) is worth the price you might pay to bring any part of your past experience with you.

      On a mundane level, then bench was not originally purchased by you.. and so, is not quite yours in the same way it would be if you had brought it into the home. Best left.

      Finally, as you are aware that there is an unhappy energy abiding in the home, if you are able to afford a house blessing by a priest, that would be an excellent gift to the new owners…. and a very good way to close any open doors.

      I hope this post is helpful.

      Ann George

      (Again – as I have not “seen” the home, nor been directly contacted by the author, this is an “in general” reply and may or may not apply to your circumstance.)

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