I have received many comments over the past few years from parents and their friends asking me to please help explain various experiences their children are having. These experiences range from seeing things, discarding mirrors and refusing to look in mirrors, being afraid to enter certain rooms, hiding in closet forts within their rooms…… The list is really quite long.

It would be irresponsible of me to answer these kinds of questions by email. Each child is different, each event is different, and to act in the best interest of the children, I would hope all parents would reach out to speak with a clairvoyant, a priest, or a shaman to help their children.

What follows are my observations based on over 50 years experience with clairvoyance, and in particular, psychic development issues in young people. My first and best suggestion for parents is to Always take your childs’ report to heart. Please do not dismiss their experiences with statements such as “There are no such thing as ghosts.” or “You just had a bad dream.” or even worse.. shaming the child as if the child is attention seeking.

Children are closer to the “Dreamtime” or to “Heaven” or to the “Bardo” than adults are. They are much more awake, open, sensitive and have not yet been “closed” to this miraculous energetic world in which we live. The see what we do not want to see, or have become to busy to see.

It is true that there are all sorts of energies at play in the world. There are divine, demonic, and neutral energies at play at all times. if a child is experiencing something that seems supernatural to you, I invite you to take it seriously. Have a real conversation with the child if possible.

If you need assistance, please make contact with the person you wish your child to consult before bringing the child to a seer, healer, priest or priestess. As a parent, you must make the best choice for your child. Ethical consultants usually publish. Ethical consultants will want you to be present with your child… and if the child is more mature and comfortable speaking privately, they may ask you to honor your child’s wish for a confidential consult.


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