Clearing Your Home From Negative Energies

As I review this blog, I see that I have posted several articles on spiritual issues that have been a concern to many of my clients. I would like now to post some solutions to the issues of curses, spells, paranormal events and matters of this kind. 

First, I do have Protection Candles for sale. I hand pour these once a year on All Hallow’s Eve. They come with instructions, an affirmation as well as an ephemeris on the back for those who are interested in the astrology of the pour. Here are two links, the first to the Candles Blog for aspects and detailed information about the candle. The second link is to the shopping cart page for information on how to purchase these natural wax pillars.

I am very pleased to refer you to Astrologic Amulets and Talisman’s offered by Christopher Warnock.  He has a very extensive & informative site. Should you wish to invest in an amulet other protective item, I am sure you will find the goods there to be unique, well researched, and to my eye, lovely. 

A very useful way to maintain clear space in the home is by making smoke offerings. This practice of burning incense daily, or as an offering,  is very common in many cultures. Further, certain herbs hand blended together have been found to be highly effective in purifying your energy body (Aura Cleanse Incense) as well as your home, business, or other sacred space (House Blessing Incense.) 

Finally, ordering a cleansing, which is a a remote energetic treatment of your space is very effective for more serious disruptions. I offer this service, as does a very gifted healer I have been please to know for many years now. I am happy to refer you to his page for another point of view on ordering space cleansing services. 

I had a reading and the psychic told me I was cursed.

I recently had a client come to me for a reading. After all questions had been asked and answered, there was “just one more thing.”

That “one more thing” is often embarrassing for clients to bring up, in part because they feel as if I might find the question silly. As well, some feel uncomfortable because they may have believed the statement made to them to be true.

That “one more thing” happens more than you might suspect. It is not unusual for people to tell me that they had a reading and the “psychic” saw dark clouds, negative energy, a black aura, a curse, a hex, root work, or some other action taken by another (almost always unidentified) person and that this “curse” is the cause of their misfortune.

Next, the reader will say that a deposit (usually several hundred dollars) was required by the “psychic,” as well as the purchase of candles or other ritual items, so the the psychic can “do work” to remove the negative energy.

In general, this is a scam. The reasons that people are unsettled and willing to believe that a curse is possible vary. Often, the psychic is a very gifted con artist, and can amaze! and startle their clients. These kinds of “readers” can very confidently assure their customers that these curses are real, that it is critical that the curse be removed at once.

I will always honor your concerns about other readers finding curses, or negative energy around you. From time to time we are afflicted.. but most often by unpleasant people, demanding jobs, more bills than money to pay them on any given day…. and we can all feel overwhelmed.

It could be wonderful if it were true that a psychic could free you from all bad luck..?? Of course that would create a dependent situation, that could prove very costly over time. Wouldn’t it be better if you could learn to free yourself?

Should you choose to have a reading with me, I provide an introduction to psychic/tarot readings on my website. Choose to click either the Psychic or the Tarot icons on the home page to enter, and you will find many articles that are designed to help you have the best reading possible, and to help you understand the best way to use a reading to create a bright and successful future whenever possible.

Please know that if in fact you are having a paranormal experience, have issues with a haunting or a negative energy in your space, Usui Reiki Energy Healing, a well respected energy therapy, is very effective in clearing your personal space, as well as the human aura.

Notice that the price for this form of healing falls well below the hundred dollar mark. I have published many articles on my site to speak to energy healing, the need for it, ways to accomplish it. I hope you will visit and enjoy the articles. I have seen Usui Reiki work very well to remove curses, the evil eye, and to help trapped energies move on to their next level of consciousness.

Do I believe that curses happen, yes I do. Do I believe in unseen energy? Of course, we all do. Do I believe that you have the right to live in a clear and sacred space that is not tainted with unwelcome energy? Yes indeed.

I also believe there is a safe, pure and affordable way to accomplish this should the need arise. I am happy to send remote energy healing, also called “Remote Reiki” or “Distance Healing” if you feel the need. I strongly prefer that you give a call before ordering Reiki treatments so that we can talk about your concerns before you make a payment.

Many, many people have written in response to my post “Am I Cursed” to tell me their personal stories and ask advice. I am not able to answer individual questions via email. If you would like to consult, I am happy to read for you by appointment.

I hope you find some comfort in this article. If you have been “hooked” by a reader who found a curse of some kind, and find that it costs you more and more money and that you need more and more work, then I invite you to consider that the healer is really not able to heal. Perhaps they lack the power to do the kind of work they promise.

Sometimes people feel afraid to stop spending money with a con artist posing as psychic or a healer. If you are in the grip of this kind of situation, this may be the time to return to your faith, have a consultation with a spiritual leader in your tradition, or at least, to get a second opinion from a reader/healer who comes well recommended.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.

Ann George

Am I Cursed? Has Someone Put a Spell on Me?

I hear this question often. It is very important and deserves a full reply. In order to reply effectively, it is necessary to be specific about the kind of curses that may be referred to. 

a) Inherited Curses or Family Curses.
There are those who feel as if they have inherited a curse, are cursed from birth, or are born under a bad sign, or an unlucky star. 
b) Spells and Witchcraft
In European cultures one may feel a curse has either be cast upon oneself by an enemy, or that a curse or spell has been purchased by an enemy from a witch or sorcerer to cause harm to an individual, family, farm or business. As in African cultures, there is also a fear of cursing where a ghost or demon is summoned and attached to a person.
c) Voudou and Root Work
In African as in other cultures, curses are often issue specific and there are many different ways they may be cast against one. Some curses are to create a series of misfortunes, others are to call down a malevolent spirit to plague a person, while some are cast to cause wasting, poverty, impotence, loss of love, etc.
d) “Discovered Curses”
These alleged curses are often part of a very effective and costly scam process wherein a “psychic” or “reader” tells the customer that they (the con artist) see that the customer has “bad luck” or a curse upon them, and that curse is the cause for all the misfortunes the customer is experiencing. This particular scam is set up so that only the con artist who discovered the curse has the power to remove it.
The most important point to remember as we go forward in the exploration of the topic of curses and spell is causality, or karma. Every action has a consequence. Your past actions for good or ill have a consequence. Sometimes the fruit of ones negative past actions ripen all at once, and one can quite easily feel as if they are cursed, unfortunate, or born under a bad sign. 
If you are feeling plagued or cursed, it is often useful to pause and have a look at your life, your recent actions, thoughts, words and deeds to see if they are virtuous and bring you peace of mind. If not, if in fact you have failed to take responsibility for your behavior, are not living a sober and healthy life, then you may be reaping that which you have sown.
When looking at curses, hexes and spells, it is very important to remember that the individual you feel is responsible for working to do you harm must also reap the consequences of their willful action to do you harm.  This may not be comforting while you are in the midst of the whirlwind, but rest assured, those who do evil, who do not repent, who do not purify their negative actions, ultimately will pay a far greater price than you, the cursed one are experiencing. 
So, are there curses? Yes indeed. There are also spells and hexes, angels and demons, spirit of deities and spirits of the departed, and many other kinds of spirits in this wide and magical world. Most often, the unseen world remains unseen, and human beings move through this one as if it is “real” and solid and lasting. 
There are very few people I have met, fewer still that I have read for, who are actually suffering from a curse placed upon them by someone else. From time to time I do meet people who, through occult carelessness, have opened doors they cannot close, and find themselves “face to face” with powers greater than expected.
I write this as in introduction to what must be a series of articles on curses. This begins on the mundane, or material level of perception as this is a good place to lay the ground work for the energetic nature of relationships that can cause one to feel as if they are also cursed………. but that is an article for another day.
Should you care to consult me about this topic, I do offer paranormal consultations by appointment. However, as you will see if you “stay tuned” there are many useful ways for you to get your power back, to be clean, free, and have peace of mind once again.
All blessings to you. 

What is clairvoyance?

I am very please do post What is clairvoyance? a podcast of my public talk to the Institute of Noetic Science in Jacksonville, Florida.

This lecture, which is an hour an a half long, includes questions and answers tothose questions from members of IONS.

I look forward to making more live teachings available. My next audio blog will address ritual candles, the method of creating, importance of intent, answers to frequently asked questions and instructions for their use.
What is clairvoyance?

Negative Energy in the Home – when to move

I am happy to answer this question from a visitor to my site and hope the answer is to others:

” Hi,
I hope this won’t seem strange to you but I have a question. I am psychic and my 15 yr. old daughter is. For many years living in this home, I feel I am absorbing negative energy. My daughter came to me crying and said she hates being here,she gets bad feelings.I have always hated being here also.

Since we are psychic we pick up all energies, good and bad. Please tell me what to do to get rid of this negative energy in this home. It is affecting me and my daughter. I have had priest bless but I don’t think that will help. I was told I have a vortex in my home. Anything you can tell me will help.
Thank you.”

This note really contains two questions in one. Other posts on this site, as well as links out to other articles, address some of the issues of psychic self-defense, cleansing the home of unwanted negative energies and other issues of psychic self-protection. Today, I am able to suggest that sometimes, the best decision is simply to move.

There are times when homes become negative. This can occur slowly over a period of time, or be a direct result of an incident. Really, the changes can occur subtly over a perion of time, or a negative vortex can simply manifest.

These are the moments when the best decision is to leave that environment, and seek another that feels more comfortable. There is no defeat in relocation, and often many blessings.

I close with best wishes for joy on your journey.

Ann George

Whats wrong with me? Psychic development concerns.

I recently received this note from a visitor to one of my sites:
” I have something to ask you. It started when I was in college this past year as a freshman. And I remember walking around campus one day and I felt this buzz from the back of my head, I want to say it felt like an small electric buzz like something was being unplugged from the back of my head. And later on the night I heard a mans voice tell me to get up and go see god. It sounded like a pastor or someone but he kept telling me to get up and stop what I am doing and go to him and not to waste my life.

So i was freaking out and went back into my dorm room to sleep but he came back again but this time he sounded like he was echoing in the room, like he was talking surround sound. I heard a woman crying which reminding me of my mother, and just a church of people crying, I felt like I was at my funeral but i wasnt freaking out too much because i was still trying to understand the sounds and figure out what was going on with me.

But after that I have been able to understand people and thier emotions without having to say much to them, I can look into a happy person face and see them crying on the inside and im always right. I sometimes speak on and on about something to someone about them and I will have no idea where it is coming from, the words are never my own thoughts but I am always right about that person and about how they feel and what they are going through? Do you understand what I am saying? I try to explain this to my friends and family and some get me but others say I lose them but I just need someone to tell me that they know what is going on with me please! “

This is another example of a question that I am able to answer in general terms. In others words, I am able to speak to the issue of psychic awakening. I will not fully address the issue of psychic development, ethic and self-protection in this post. For the best response to the question above, and for personal assistance, the author is advised to schedule a paranormal event counseling session with a qualified consultant.

From the contents of the letter, regardless of how the “awakening” or “opening” occurred… in this case a clear change in the energy column of the seeker, people open to clairvoyant ability in a number of ways. The important thing is that once this change has occurred; that being the change from the ability to live in “normal” attention to the the new ability to live in a state of heightened awarenss, decisions must be made.

To answer the questions “What’s wrong with me?”, under the circumstances reported, I would say nothing is “wrong” at all. In fact, many people hope to have this kind of experience to be better able to help others. Signs that something is wrong after an opening of this kind could be symptoms of depression, inability to focus, retreat from friends and family, inability to perform daily tasks, disorganized thinking, hallucinations.. or other behaviours that cause friends to comment with concern on new behaviours.

Fortunately, none of these symptoms are reported in the letter, so I am answering based on the assumption that the seeker is fully functional, and suddenly “blessed” with a new ability.

A second point must be addressed here, and this is my own preference.. a result of my own process of living a clairvoyant life.

Given this note:
” I sometimes speak on and on about something to someone about them and I will have no idea where it is coming from, the words are never my own thoughts but I am always right about that person and about how they feel and what they are going through?”
I do not offer information unless asked. I have found, for my nature and personality, that is is far better to wait for a client to order a session and ask me to “see” for them, than to volunteer my insights.

There are two reasons for this. The first is based on basic human nature… few people appreciate or follow “free advice” or unasked of advice. In Western culture this is often regarded as offensive or intrusive at best.. and insulting at worst.

The second, is that I want to be certain to do no harm. In my journey of “seeing” I have seen many beautiful things….. and many horrible things.. painful insults people have suffered in their past, events best not brought to light without careful consideration. I prefer to err on the side of caution, and to allow people to ask me what they want to know.

Finally, I have found that many people absolutely believe that psychism is false.. that it is not possible to see the future, have clairvoyant abilities and are prone to ridicule the gifted. So.. seeker, please take very good care of yourself. If people don’t “get” you.. perhaps is would be best to find a Spiritualist Church, or some other open faith where your gifts are seen as natural, and worthy of development.

For more information on this topic, please explore this blog.. or perhaps visit the Energy Healing section of my primary website.. Ann George Studios, Inc.

Paranormal Event Counseling is available.

Dear Readers,

While I am always happy to address paranormal questions on the blog, I should point out that I am really only able to provide generally relevant answers to questions, as each incident is ultimately as unique and important as the human being experiencing the event.

If you look through this blog, you will see that there are a few posts written in reply to people with concerns that supernatural energies are affecting their lives in unexpected or unwelcome ways. Often, the concerns people experience have a similar theme… but with slightly different manifestations of disincarnate energy.

If you would like to explore your issue thoroughly, I do offer two different Paranormal Event consultation sessions to specifically address your concerns. These consultations are open for you to ask any kind of question about a supernatural event, to share your experience, or to receive suggestions as to how you may best proceed along your own path to spiritual awakening.

After a lifetime of clairvoyant living, many paranormal & supernatural encounters, and many consultations with people from all walks of life who have had unusual phenomena occur, a feel quite qualified to offer metaphysical consultation sessions.

Please notice that I am not a licensed mental health worker, psychologist, or any other sort of degreed counselor. I do not pretend to be able to solve all your problems, but I am able to give experienced insights into a tremendous variety of unusual events.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. I hope you find it useful.