Thank you for your interest in my services. First, regardless of what kind of service you choose, or which location, I must say I work by appointment only. There is no other way for me. I have “in person” sessions of all kinds at my private office on Bay Street. There is no lobby, no real waiting area for people to line up, and I am not able to get up and answer the door while providing a reading for someone else. Appointments are the rule. I am Ann George, and very grateful to offer you readings in one of the most lovely of all my offices.

I offer psychic readings of the Akashic Record. I often use Tarot to double check, or validate what I see in psychic attention. I am a Medium, which means I am able to connect with the consciousness of people who have left this world for another one. I am also able to see past life experiences, and these readings can be very helpful. I have articles about this reading style on my website and on my blogs. There is a booking link at the bottom of this post.

I am a Paranormal Event Consultant and am able to “see” what is happening for those people who are having “events”. Many people have spiritual activity in their homes, and often this becomes very uncomfortable. I am able to help you see if you really have a presence and to help you gain understanding about what to do next. (If you are having severe experiences such as sleep paralysis, you might want to consult a medical doctor as well.) 

The social expectation when I began working was that psychic readers could see the future. There were no “amusement” readers. People didn’t do any “intuitive readings”. Seeing a psychic was serious business, and there was an expectation that the psychic had a strong spiritual connection with other worlds. It was also expected that the psychic could banish negative energy if that was needed, but not for extra fees, and extra candles, and thousands of dollars! There was a clearing charge of course, but affordable for most.

Sometimes last century professional readers would work at parties and events, but still offering psychic readings to show the future. Psychics were a natural part of the world at that time. We were part of the everyday for people in many cultures. We were considered valuable, held to a high standard, and if we lived up to the expectation of our clients, they told their friends about us and we were able to live by our work. We were full time psychic advisors. 

Sadly, then as now, there were a good many con artists working as “psychics”. These were the tricksters who charged as much as possible to their frightened customers. They “ran cons” that proved the client had “bad luck,” or a “curse” or that someone had “put something on them” and then the con artist/psychic sold the cure!

I can help you get out of that trap in need be.  I am able to double check the situation and see if you are indeed cursed in some way. Just because there are a very few sorcerers in the world, doesn’t mean they are all gone.  Know that a truly gifted magician, shaman, healer, priest of priestess of occult traditions knows the rules of cause & effect. 

Gifted energy workers seldom waste time and talent making “spells” to cause someone trouble. Why cast a spell to “make someone love someone you”? Who really wants a lover that only comes to them by magic? Stop and think about it please. To try to cause someone to do something that is against their nature is abuse. 

As a psychic person, I read  the “Akashic Record”. Many psychics do this kind of reading.  We read from that place in time where everything is happening all at once, and anything is possible. Some psychics read Auras and some of us still read tea leaves. The important idea is that we were all expected to be able to “predict” the future for our clients. True psychics can do that. 

Today we have many “want to be” readers, maybe in costumes with lots of crystals and singing bowls on their tables to look mystical. Just because your new “psychic” is embracing you, and is very welcoming, and inviting, and has such a lovely “magical” energy could make them seems less dangerous but these pretenders are perhaps the most dangerous of all because they often don’t know what they are doing. 

It takes some years on the planet to know how to hear people in crisis, to know how to “look” into the heart of trauma, loss, adultery, or violence to bring a client some clarity and to provide direction. A good reader will have empathy and wisdom, they will have a knowledge of other cultures other than their own, of history, of the workings of the unfolding of time.

I am not a witch, I am not an “intuitive” and I am not a root worker. I am not a by the minute reader, so if you prefer phone or Zoom, you will have to make an appointment. I am not going to tell you things just to make you feel better – although sometimes hearing the truth, being validated, and knowing were you stand can make you feel worlds better  – I have to tell you what I truly see.*

I have been serving the public more than 27 years. It has been my great pleasure to do so. I am hoping you will call for more information. I hope you call every psychic you think you might hire for a little chat. See if you like their tone of voice, their personality, and if you get a “good feeling”. A professional will be glad to answer your questions before booking your session. If you would like to see my menu of services, just click:

Thank you, 

Ann George 

Mystic, Seer, Psychic Medium ……

**Please notice: I am not writing to discredit authentic spiritual practices or healing rituals that came to this country centuries ago. There are healers who do “root work” and healers who do “energy medicine” and it must be noted that people who use those methods are almost always working to make the lives of their clients better. “Real” psychics follow the Ahimsa way. Be ware of those who try to frighten.

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