Let me begin by saying that there are many confidence tricksters working as “psychics” right now! This is pretty easy to do as most people really have no idea how an authentic psychic  session should be. Many people have expectations based on TV or movie representations of psychics that have nothing to do with modern day readings. 

Once upon a time, when we all lived in villages, and small towns, travelers brought amusements and entertainments to people who did not have television, movies, perhaps not even radio. Circuses both large and small, traveling bands of actors, musicians, small carnivals and “drummers” came to towns to brighten up the week. 

There was a time in the country when “Fortune Tellers” whether legitimate or cons, came through town as well. Often forced to park on the outskirts…. people came to the tent or caravan to have their fortunes told. There was a time when the future of people was far more simple than futures are today. 

Even seventy years ago, social rules were strict. People often lived as they were expected to or faced severe social consequences. As well, people were close enough to the Earth to feel the power in the night, to know beyond any shadow of doubt that our world was a magical event to be experienced. It was easy to know that there were/are those among us with special gifts. Some of those gifts were the gift of calming wild animals, the gift of making rain, of finding water, of healing sickness and of seeing the future.

Today, there is a subtle expectation that your psychic will have lots of eye makeup, big earrings, long hair, colorful clothing….. although most people don’t know that expectation is in place. Another expectation is that the psychic will tell that person what is going to happen to them. Will they marry, are children in the future, will they be happy…. these are not answerable questions. All actions have consequences, and action is required to have all those things. 

One hundred years ago, when options were few and choice for women did not exist, this kind of fortune telling was possible. Without freedom, we can’t really create the future we prefer and therefore we live out the lives we stepped into. This lack of influence over your future is still true in some cultures.

In the USA today, people have a fabulous freedom to become most anything they put their minds to being. The choice of marriage partner is your own – arranged marriage is not a concern. You may work at the career of your choice, change jobs, ask for a raise, move to a new apartment, new home … in short there is much more room for you to influence your future than there used to be. 

We can date, live with a sexual partner without being shunned by the community, we can change jobs when we please without being labeled unstable, erratic, not “a company man” and still prosper. Of course all this freedom can be overwhelming and it might seem nice to sit down and have someone tell you what is going to happen next. 

It is this very thinking – “What is going to happen to me?” – that makes a person ripe for scamming. If you are feeling powerless, at a low, perhaps even unlucky or a victim, rest assured, a good cold reader will see that in a heartbeat.. and the con can begin.

The reader will lean in a bit, assure the victim that they have come at just the right time!  The reader will see any of the following:

“You are blocked! Something is blocking your happiness.”

“Someone has put something on you!

“People are working against you!”

“You have a dark cloud in your aura!”

Of course the con never tells you who that person is, or if they are able to name names, you likely told them about relatives who are jealous of you or friends who do “black magic”. 

Then, guess what? Only that psychic can help you. That help may take the form of the psychic burning special and very expensive candles to remove the “bad luck”. Special prayers must be offered and sometimes, the reader will need help to pray for you as your problem is very serious. He or she must hire other spiritualist to pray with them.

There are other elements to this kind of scam that can involve you folding money in a special pattern, wearing the money, sleeping on the money, but always bringing that money to the reader in a day or two so that the money can be “read”.

The process of paying to have “negativity” removed will go on as long as you keep paying. There are levels of crafty suggestions you could experience as this sad story unfolds… until you realize you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for nothing. 

I think many people fall into this kind of trap by looking for something for nothing. The “Free Reading”, or “One Free Question” or the “$5 special” is a great way for a con artist to find a victim.  Often, it is the “In Person” reading that makes this con easier to work because the criminal can create just the atmosphere you expect. As well, by watching your reactions, the con artist knows when they have said something that strikes home. 

A particular mood in the reading room can make the con easier to work. A client who doesn’t want to take responsiblity for the future is the easy mark. Someone who is ready to be the victim is sure to fall for this con. 

I have taken many more calls this year from frightened people who need to know they were cheated. Of course, they don’t want to pay me for my time…… they just want to be reassured, promising to book a reading they never order….. so they can walk away from the trap. I really am glad to help them, weary, but glad to help. 

I must point out that a phone reading is one of the best ways to avoid this kind of scam… provided that you have done your research, taken a moment to call your reader to see if they   will talk to you about their service. If a reader won’t spend five minutes to answer your questions before you book… please move on. 

Another way to avoid being scammed is to check reviews, or see how long your psychic has been practicing. It may be news to some, but there are “professional psychic readers” working today. Sadly “professional psychic” doesn’t show in the Google keyword search for popular search terms. 

It is possible to see the future. Many of us see glimplses of the future all the time without calling it fortune telling. Using common sense, our own experience, and some intuition, we can see a couple is “doomed” for failure, or that if John doesn’t stop drinking right now, he will lose his job. We are comfortable watching the weather channel …. because machines are predicting the weather future.  Somehow, in todays culture, the idea that the human mind is still the most powerful tool on the planet is lost. 

As well, sometimes people think they have to see their reader “in person” to get a good reading. However, when seeking relationship advice, that same person doesn’t bring the boyfriend along. This little disconnect is important to notice. 

Sometimes when seeking advice about a career more, the client doesn’t think to bring their boss to the session. Of course bringing the boss is not necessary, nor is bringing the boyfriend, the co-workers, the family members…. because a gifted psychic can see all those things using “second sight”.  Thinking along this line, it is clear to see that you don’t need to be physically present with a psychic to get a good reading. Some cities ban psychics from working at all! Some force them to undesireable parts of town… ship yards, light industrial areas etc. 

I hope you will consider this blog post before booking your next psychic session. A reading with an ethical service provider can be empowering. A genuine reading of the Akashic Record can help you feel validated, can help you see clearly what you are thinking and where that thinking is likely to take you. When you are informed, you can make better choices for your future. 

When you are scared, and ready to do anything to save yourself from some dire outcome if you don’t buy “protection” you are in the hands of an unethical con artist. Do not give that person any information, certianly do not give them any more money, and do not get on their healing list or prayer list! Do Not give them the names of people you are worried about or people you think might be “working against you”. 

A psychic may need to know the full name of your relationship partner to see the outcome of continuing to date him/her. A psychic may need the address of the house you want to buy, or the name of the company you are going to go to work for to be sure to give you most accurate advice… but after that, please keep your eyes open and your personal information confidential.

I have published other blogs about psychic scams, many fall under the topic of buying magic, so please feel welcome to read more. Also note that today, there are a great many people who purchased a deck of Tarot cards and now offer readings. They are not psychic, they often don’t really understand the power of the Tarot, the meaning of the cards, nor do they have an accurate deck. So, consider the source before acting on “psychic advice”. 

In closing, know that there really are men and women who were born with the ability to know what is going to happen next, to “see” the future, and to see the past as well. Some have been born with the ability to “see” the dead, and all manner of spirits. That they continue to work in American Culture is a great blessing to us all.

Ann George 

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 2022 – All Rights Reserved


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