Hello Everyone!  Times have changed, and finding a professional psychic seems harder than ever. Here is my story, and hopefully it will help you make a good choice when shopping for a psychic services provider.  Pictured above is my Office! It is virtual, just a click away (with an appointment). I am a professional psychic working in Cyber Space.

When I opened my first office in 1996, there were fewer than 10 professional psychics in my city. Many of the readers had been open for decades so their offices were on the outskirts of town. I was lucky, I found a small office inside the city limiits. However, I opened in the “red light” district as back then, professional psychics were denied access to lovely office suites. 

We were not welcome, and 25 years later, not much has changed. I have been office shopping for well over a year now but landlords tell me I just “don’t fit” their buildings. I am very happy to work by phone, Zoom, Facetime and the next new virtual meeting software to come along. It is connection, and not location, that makes for a good session.

Many people don’t realize just how hard it is to open a nice office in most cities in America. It is very hard! Many people in many states cannot have an “in person” reading. To do so is illegal… against the codes, in violation of one statute or another. If “in person” sessions are in fact an option in your city, you are lucky. 

Many people don’t know the discrimination against professional psychics continues to such extent that some website building platforms and some credit card processing agents refuse our business. I found this out the hard way after building a new site on a popular “shopping platform” only to be refused access as I was offering “occult services”.

We can’t open an office anywhere in Eastern Tennessee, or in North East Georgia. We can’t open a home office there either. In fact, in one small town it is illegal for met to declare myself a clairvoyant in public. Not very long ago, in Florida, a well respected psychic had to petition the town of St. Augustine for years to be allowed to work inside the city limits. She won her case, but her award was so little money as to be an insult.

When I opened my first little office/shop, I realized that my city could not nor would not support  all the psychics, and that’s when I made the decision to start a phone reading service. I have been reading by phone since 2000. I am sure that decision is why I am still in practice today. I made it through the Covid shut downs because people knew they could work with me by phone. I have hundreds of clients I have never met in person. We do just fine. 

In 2000, I could still hope for first page placement and on national placement on the big search engines.  Careful keyword selection and a well built website were the keys to success. Then, the first three pages of the major search engines were not  filled with Corporate Psychic Sites! I think Keen was open then, as was Miss Cleo’s service. Other listings were individual readers in private practice so seekers had a chance to meet a working professional. 

Now, the search engines present psychic service pages that are full of readers offering consults at by the minute pricing. Some charge as much as $16.99 per minute, some a little as $4.00.  There are so many people selling readings of all kinds I hope you will choose a psychic person. 

How do you know if you have a psychic reader? The best way is to just ask. On the corporate sites, I don’t know if you get the chance to chat before you commit to purchase. You can always call me. I answer my phone and am glad to spend some minutes answering a few basic questions about my service. A good psychic will spend some time helping you feel comfortable.

 If you get a brush off, a rude answer to an honest question, you may have someone on the other end of the phone who is profit driven. Me, seeing the future is my purpose. I offer psychic readings of the Akashic Record. There is no judgement here, only the promise to answer any question honestly. 

A psychic will tell you whether or not he or she is psychic. That gift is not an accident, nor is that title open for negotiation;  one either is or is not psychic. The dodge is some readers are Intuitive Soul Guides, Psychic Spiritual Path Workers, Intuitive Tarot Consultants. There are many people working as “Intuitive” readers. There are so many of those titles, “Intuitive”, “Clairaudient”, “Clairsentient”, “Soul Healer”  that it is easy for the new seeker to be discouraged. 

Here is a bit of information about me and how I began to work as a full time psychic.

Before I opened my first little shop I apprenticed for one year with an established professional psychic. I was very grateful she let me have a chair in her shop and to be present, to learn, observe and to do readings for her clients from time to time. It was there that I learned more about my style, my assets, and my limitations. I know what I do well, and what I can’t do at all. 

At the start, I also worked all the Psychic Faires I was able to. We had an established Spiritualist Church in town that offered monthly readings services. All qualified psychics and mediums were welcome. I was glad to go work those long hours for very little pay. I had to be sure that I could “show up” and that I could connect acurately, every time for every client. Last century, to provide psychic services was more of a calling, a vocation, than a job. There were high expectations placed on readers. We were expected to be able to see the future and to make contact with the Spirit World. No exceptions, no prattling, no guesswork allowed.

In town, the scammers were selling fear and making promises. Those folks are still out working today. Sadly, selling magic, protection, lifting curses, or reuniting lovers is still big business and people spend thousands of dollars on empty promises. There is really no way to undo the damage caused by people who wear the mask of a helper only to con. From time to time I publish articles about the most common of the psychic scams to help people be alert. IF you have been tricked, don’t feel bad. This kind of con artist/reader is often gifted with some psychic skill…… that is how they get your trust. Then, they twist and strike at your soft spot. Once hit, most people find themselves on a slow slide to despair 

I was 40 years old when I bought my first fortune tellers license. That was the only option for sale then, and it is still the Occupational License I purchase now. In the Western Mystery Tradition I study, 40 is the right age to begin work as a psychic reader. The assumption is that a person will have enjoyed all the blessings of an ordinary life. Likely they have married, had a family, enjoyed a career in some natural profession and most of all, that the person embarking on the journey of spiritual service will have lived long enough to have the empathy, understanding, and life experiences that enable them to listen with a compassionate heart. 

The ability to drop one’s personal history is critical if one is to serve as a seer. The willingness to be ridiculed, excluded, threatened, to live on the outside of social acceptability was necessary then. Today, it seems that there is a greater openness to psychic services, but that is only an appearance. To enter the profession, as a psychic, it’s best to be courageous. If you are seeking a psychic advisor, please look for the individual reader. 

As I was born with “second sight”, seeing ghosts and spirits of all kinds, hearing people think and knowing what was going to happen next, I thought I was just like everyone else.  It wasn’t until I went to public school that I realized I was very different from the other kids. Learning to live in the “everyday” world while a vibrant, mystical world was just a breath away, was one of the biggest challenges of my life. Learning to turn the volume down remains one of my great accomplishments. 

At forty years old, I was more than ready to step into the work I seemed born for. Of course, it has taken a while to be open with others about my profession in casual settings. Most people have strong opinions about psychics, mediums, and energy healers. Most of those opinions are not welcoming or supportive…. so, I choose to answer wisely. I have enjoyed many a backhanded compliment over the years and now take those in stride. 

Today, I am really excited to be 66! What a great blessing of years!! I am ready to not only be who I am, but to step into my value. After 25 years of service, of offering readings at a price most everyone can afford, I am no longer willing to work below the average prices being charged today. 

I will never charge $16 a minute… but some corporate sites present readers who do charge that and appear to have a five client wait! I am happy for those who are able to charge and spend so much. I am not interested in mad profits. I am here to answer your questions, to see the future, and with 25 years experience, I feel very qualified to do just that. The  younger readers can take my price point as it is useful and fair. 

Me, I still value being accessible, affordable, and now I am willing to be a little bit more comfortable as I head toward the rainbow bridge. I may be decades away from crossing, or that lovely journey may begin tomorrow.  Regardless, I will now honor my experience and value. I hope you will honor my changes, and know that I am simply treating myself as I feel I should. If you are a regular client, thank you! Please know you are welcome to reach out to me should the price seem too high for you just now. Please book your session online at anngeorge.com. The full menu of services is there.

Thank you for your attention to my blog post. Comments are welcome, but are previewed. 

Ann George

Ann George Studios, Inc. 

Established 1996.

Photo courtesy of Behr Paints!


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