I often receive calls from clients that begin with just that phrase. Often people are having mystic, paranormal, or “strange” experiences and think they might be “going crazy”.  I am always glad when they give me a call. 

If you are experiencing unusual moments in time, regardless of whether things seem ghostly, or you feel haunted, jinxed, hexed, cursed, or just “lost in time”, a mystic seer may well be the best person to call. 

Who Can You Talk To?

Clairvoyants, psychics, and mystic people have often been surrounded by energies, vortex, elementals and spirits since they were children. Many have become accustomed to all manner of “other worldly” events.  What is seen as odd in Western culture is often acceptable without question in other world views. 

Some cultures have a very comfortable reaction set to experiences we call “visitations”.  In older cultures, the line between this world and the next is accepted as being thin, often the people who have visions are regarded gifted. 

In short, it is often very helpful to call and talk with a professional esoteric services provider (clairvoyant, psychic, seer or mystic) about your concerns.

People who provide professional psychic services speak with people on weekly basis who report these kinds of experiences.  Some providers may be willing to chat a few minutes and give you the reassurance and insight you need. Others may talk with you and then suggest yo make an appointment.

As for what is “crazy”,  I feel sure that when we all lived in closer relationship with the Earth, wandering the forests and meadowlands under star filled skies, working in concert with the movements of the Moon, when we were illuminated only by natural lights, we were far more accepting of the unseen. 

Now, If we can get out and away from city lights, the sound of cars and the smell of exhaust, we may begin to remember how to feel the magic of the world in the peace of Nature. 

My Services

Clairvoyant Tarot:
You may choose to order a Clairvoyant Tarot consultation to see the deeper meaning behind events you are experiencing.  There is a difference between a consultation and a reading. 

If you order a Clairvoyant Tarot reading to gain a better understanding of the paranormal events you are experiencing , I will be in “second attention”. In this case,  I drop my ideas, opinions, personal history, and any expectations of our session.

In second, or psychic attention I am able to access the Akashic Record. Once there, I am responsible to tell you what I find, regardless of my feelings about the revelations. This loss of self is required for psychic readings, energy healing (Usui Reiki) and clairvoyant Tarot readings.

In a paranormal event consultation, I am most surely present. I am offering my own experience, insight, and opinion regarding the circumstances you report. I have been studying the mystic since 1969. Born clairvoyant, I sought validation for my personal experiences.

My Background

Born clairvoyant I was driven to find anything that would validate my personal experience and my world view.  I realized at an early age that I was having a very different experience than the other people I knew.  I was hungry for books on spirituality of all kinds, hoping that someone would write about the world I saw.

I read the Old and New Testaments, the Book Of Mormon, books on physics, psychology, religion, and all manner of childrens books. Finding “A Wrinkle In Time” was very helpful.

I began to study ancient history and found some relief in the writings of people long past. I found help in the teachings of Native Americans that were coming to publicatoin in my teens.

I was drawn to explore the works of Carlos Castenada (I highly recommend you read all his work), and then on to  explore topics on Hermetics, The Golden Dawn, Alchemy and the Tree of Life. I began my study of Astrology about 30 years ago, and still have much to learn.

I am also a student of Middle Way teachings and have a working understanding of theistic and non-theistic world views. I will be in ordinary attention for a paranormal event consultation, so your session may have the feel of a conversation.

Be Mindful!

Ethical service provides will usually spend some time with you to answer questions you have about their services in general. They may ask a few questions to get to the heart of your concerns, and not need all the details at once. After an assessment, they will make a suggestion as to how you may best proceed.

Some providers who pose as psychics and spell casters are really out to run a con game. I invite you to be wary of those who are quick to propose that all your problems are caused by paranormal causes that only they (that particular reader alone)  can solve for you. In particular, if you are read as cursed or hexed, please seek a second opinion before parting with your money.

 How To Schedule Your Consultation

I am happy to talk with you to help you determine which appointment style would suit you. Please feel welcome to call my studio at 904-993-7466. To buy a session, call me. 

I offer readings and consultations by phone, or in person. I have a private office in Murray Hill located at 840 Edgewood Avenue South, Suite 217, Jacksonville, FL, 32205 where we can meet by appointment. 

I also offer readings and consultations on a Walk In basis every Thursday between Noon and 5:00 pm.  I have a small office at 1055 Park Street, Room 101, Jacksonville, FL 32204. If I am between sessions, I am happy to meet you. 

In Closing

Many practicing mystics offer a blog filled with answers to questions about the paranormal. I am glad you have found mine. I post regularly to a Tarot blog that also offers another perspective on what Western culture may press on us as weird.

I am not suggesting that psychic readings or mystic seers will be able to resolve mental health issues. In fact, a responsible consultant should suggest that you seek medical attention if your event report could indicate that a physical problem or illness could contribute to your concerns.

I am not a doctor, nor a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and am not qualified to offer medical advice. I have provided metaphysical counseling for decades now, and am comfortable sharing my experiences with you if need be.

Ann George

© Ann George Studios, Inc. • 2018 • All Rights Reserved


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