On one hand, we want to touch the mystic, we want to “open our third eye”, we want to develop our psychic gifts, become more calm, centered and spiritual. I submit that without an honest connection to our natural world, this will be much harder to do.

I am concerned about our sense of smell, that it is slowly being dulled and with this loss, so too will be our ability to access not only the mystic but to be able to truly identify our right friends and lovers.

Before the industrial revolution, we were surrounded by the smells of the natural world. There were flowers in the breezes, woodland smells, farm yard smells, the smell of fires, roasting foods and of many other pleasant things. There were also the smells of war, waste, stagnation, illness, and death.

Humans lived in the natural world as they were. Bathing as we now know it was not common. We sweat, we worked, we bled, and we washed when and where we could when need be. We each were our own unique perfume that was born of what we ate, where we slept or how we lived.

We were attracted to each other not only by sight, conversation and shared interest, but also by smell. Once upon a time this was true to such an extent that relationships seem to have lasted longer and been forged of stronger bonds than we see today.

I invite you to step away from as many artificial fragrances as possible. I hope you will be able to remove them from your life and I do believe that as we return to our pure sense of smell we will not only feel better, but we will be even more aware of our surroundings.

When we are able to accept our “nature” and allow ourselves to participate in the outdoors as often as we can, we will begin to be centered.

Once, we walked on the surface of the true Earth. She was unpaved, rugged, wild, rocky, grassy, smooth or sandy….. but always in a subtle motion. Once we felt the Earth with naked feet and were grounded there.

In centuries past, the authentic vibrations of our planet could enter our bodies from the ground, in the air, wash over us in the rain which fell without our running for shelter. We heard the vibrations of the planet. We heard wind, owls, the call of wild animals, birds, waves, footsteps in the night.

Today it is harder for most of us to hear these things. We easily hear traffic, sirens, radio, the constant call of the cell phone, the text message, the tiny shiny screens that turn us away from our birth right.

I recently learned the human nose can differentiate over 50,000 scents. The sense of smell is  vital to our survival. We can collect so much information from our surroundings through smell that we are constantly informed about the world around us. Scientists report that smell is the last of our senses to fail as we die.

One of the things that is happening in our world today is that we are now being overwhelmed with artificial fragrances that I believe are blocking our natural scent receptors, and this interference is having a negative affect on how we make many important life choices.

As well, the bombardment of artificial and sometimes toxic odors cuts us off from the natural world and all the subtle mystic awareness we could perceive if the world was as it once was.

In the culture of my country we are now encouraged to purchase more and more petro-chemical products that block the natural smells of our world. Some of these include: scented laundry soaps, fabric sheets, body washes, room deodorizers, germicidal sprays, car plug-ins, in addition to perfumes and colognes.

In as much as the air in many cities is no longer sweet, but instead is filled with exhaust, dust, and gasses from manufacturing, this dulling of our sense of smell by purchasing “fresheners” serves corporate interests very well. Many urban children have never smelled fresh air.

We do not bring in flowers from the garden to sweeten a room as we once did.  We used to find it natural to burn the trash, wash the sofa cushions and throws, scrub, rinse and air things out to create a clean environment.

Now we see ads that do not encourage us to clean as we once did.  We are instead directed to spray away unpleasant odors. Of course most of us do not blindly follow these damaging suggestions, but do we always stop to peel back the layer of the ads to see the deeper harm to the natural fabric?

In many “developed” countries we find ourselves moving from one interior to the next. We wake in a square home, check our squared phone, hop in our cars to drive on paved roads to the square office boxes where we work, often in front of square computer screens.

This post is not written to judge nor to disapprove, but to put the square and isolated nature of modern living in a new light. When we regard the natural world, it is a rounded reality.

We are often encapsulated. We become cut off from one another and most surely from the Earth. It is my hope that this short post will awaken new thoughts and help us all be a bit more true to our natural selves.

Perhaps we will step away from all the lights, sights and sounds of industrialization long enough to sleep a few days on the ground under the stars. I hop we all may have that get away.


Ann George

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 11/18/2017


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