There are moments in life when we meet someone who takes our breath away. Our reaction to that person is greater than seems reasonable. We are exhilarated, breathless, may well feel that we have been waiting for them, or have known them all our lives. Often there is an instant feeling of comfort, of familiarity that we have not often experienced. We can’t seem to get them out of our minds, look forward to the next meeting, the next call, and if we are no longer young this may be all the more wonderful.

What I have described are many of the symptoms that people feel when they “fall in love,” sometimes very, very deeply in love. Sometimes, you are not in love at all! Sometimes you are having a “past life return.” It may be crucial for your happiness to discover which is true.

To discuss this, it is important to include the spiritual concepts that make this discussion possible. First, the human mind, or consciousness is immortal. The mind, the essence of a person is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, therefore, after the mind (or spirit ) has left the physical body, it travels on.

Second, human consciousness often reincarnates in a familiar world. For human beings, many times it is this world, the realm of desire, that calls us back to the Earth. We love the pleasure it offers, food, drink, music, love, laughter, friendships if we had good fortune in our previous life.

Third, most people incarnate based their past lives, some are seeking the familiar. In “the between” or the “dreamtime” the mind often searches for loved ones, friends, sometimes places that they cherished in other incarnations. Some look for ways to complete unfinished work. Many cultures believe that the mind chooses parents, attracted to their qualities and the lessons we may learn from them.

Finally, from all the readings I have done over the past 17 years, I see that people are often reborn to find others that they have lived with or loved before. I have read for many people who have met lovers, husbands, wives from previous incarnations. Many times they mistake the powerful experience of the impact of a past life return with true love for this life.

The similarities between the feelings of True Love & a Past Life return are striking. Past life reunions are very powerful experiences. Energetically we find ourselves face to face with the truth of our immortal nature when we experience the presence of a person we have known from another time.

Many report it feels like a blow to the chest, having the wind knocked out, of being shocked, dazed, overwhelmed by the experience of the meeting. This is not an intellectual experience but an energetic one. People may not remember how or when they knew this person, or even who the person was to them…… but the sense of return is very powerful.

In Western culture, we do not often acknowledge reincarnation as a truth, so we have no context other than a “soul mate” experience to use as a reference point when we experience the reunion with one we have known before. This puts us at a real disadvantage.

Sometimes we are meeting  past  loves, but sometimes we are meeting mothers, brothers, friends, enemies, perhaps those we have harmed or those who have harmed us. I have seen some of these relationships blossom into beautiful unions, but many times, one person will notice that what they thought was true love is becoming something else all together.

This can be heart breaking as the joy, the hope, the certainty that you have finally found the “one” only to see that dream crumble, often without a tangible reason. Sometimes we meet those we have betrayed, and so are betrayed by them. There are really many different ways these kinds of relationships can turn out, what is important is to understand what is happening, and what if anything we can do to heal or save a relationship we value.

A past life reading is very helpful for those who are going through this kind of experience. The purpose of the reading is to provide clarity, insight and closure if possible. Sometimes it is possible to see the world in which both people lived. Sometimes people have had more than one life together… and sometimes in a reading we are able to discover those that are most important to the now time.
I offer past life readings by appointment. Most clients report that these are very freeing experiences for them. For more information about this, an other metaphysical matters, please visit my website.


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