I hear this question often. It is very important and deserves a full reply. In order to reply effectively, it is necessary to be specific about the kind of curses that may be referred to. 

a) Inherited Curses or Family Curses.
There are those who feel as if they have inherited a curse, are cursed from birth, or are born under a bad sign, or an unlucky star. 
b) Spells and Witchcraft
In European cultures one may feel a curse has either be cast upon oneself by an enemy, or that a curse or spell has been purchased by an enemy from a witch or sorcerer to cause harm to an individual, family, farm or business. As in African cultures, there is also a fear of cursing where a ghost or demon is summoned and attached to a person.
c) Voudou and Root Work
In African as in other cultures, curses are often issue specific and there are many different ways they may be cast against one. Some curses are to create a series of misfortunes, others are to call down a malevolent spirit to plague a person, while some are cast to cause wasting, poverty, impotence, loss of love, etc.
d) “Discovered Curses”
These alleged curses are often part of a very effective and costly scam process wherein a “psychic” or “reader” tells the customer that they (the con artist) see that the customer has “bad luck” or a curse upon them, and that curse is the cause for all the misfortunes the customer is experiencing. This particular scam is set up so that only the con artist who discovered the curse has the power to remove it.
The most important point to remember as we go forward in the exploration of the topic of curses and spell is causality, or karma. Every action has a consequence. Your past actions for good or ill have a consequence. Sometimes the fruit of ones negative past actions ripen all at once, and one can quite easily feel as if they are cursed, unfortunate, or born under a bad sign. 
If you are feeling plagued or cursed, it is often useful to pause and have a look at your life, your recent actions, thoughts, words and deeds to see if they are virtuous and bring you peace of mind. If not, if in fact you have failed to take responsibility for your behavior, are not living a sober and healthy life, then you may be reaping that which you have sown.
When looking at curses, hexes and spells, it is very important to remember that the individual you feel is responsible for working to do you harm must also reap the consequences of their willful action to do you harm.  This may not be comforting while you are in the midst of the whirlwind, but rest assured, those who do evil, who do not repent, who do not purify their negative actions, ultimately will pay a far greater price than you, the cursed one are experiencing. 
So, are there curses? Yes indeed. There are also spells and hexes, angels and demons, spirit of deities and spirits of the departed, and many other kinds of spirits in this wide and magical world. Most often, the unseen world remains unseen, and human beings move through this one as if it is “real” and solid and lasting. 
There are very few people I have met, fewer still that I have read for, who are actually suffering from a curse placed upon them by someone else. From time to time I do meet people who, through occult carelessness, have opened doors they cannot close, and find themselves “face to face” with powers greater than expected.
I write this as in introduction to what must be a series of articles on curses. This begins on the mundane, or material level of perception as this is a good place to lay the ground work for the energetic nature of relationships that can cause one to feel as if they are also cursed………. but that is an article for another day.
Should you care to consult me about this topic, I do offer paranormal consultations by appointment. However, as you will see if you “stay tuned” there are many useful ways for you to get your power back, to be clean, free, and have peace of mind once again.
All blessings to you. 

5 thoughts on “Am I Cursed? Has Someone Put a Spell on Me?

  1. Is there anyway a person can confirm if she’s under a family curse or inherited curse? If so how can they and how can it be stopped?

    1. Dear Blue Diamond,

      If a person feels they may be under a family curse, then the best choice is to find a respectable Clairvoyant or Psychic reader and have a reading done. Be sure you are careful to check with friends and family, call the reader first to see if you like their vibe, and the ask that question.

      I have seen some cases where a family curse was in place. That curse was removed with Usui Reiki Distance healing and prayers on the the part of the family that was suffering. As well, healing was sent to the person who was originally affected by the curse.

      You must be very careful. Removing non existent curses is big business and lots of vulnerable people who have made a series of poor decisions ( I am not implying this is true in your case ) are asked to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to have a curse removed.

      A good energy healer will charge between $35 and $75 a session to clear your space, your self, the situation in general. Sometimes more than one clearing is necessary. I have seen one work just fine.

      There is really no book I can refer you to. If you want to do your own research, there are many fine volumes on this topic. If you want to free yourself, again, this is also possible with a bit of research. The only “caution” if you will, is that from time to time there are very powerful energies at work, and sometimes ( but not often ) they will manifest with a physical push of some kind as they are leaving.

      Wishing you peace, prosperity and happiness,

      Ann George

  2. Hello Tombu Barkeret,

    Thank you for your interest in inherited spells and curses. I refer you to my reply to Blue Diamond as my answer to that question is essentially the same as my answer would be to you.

    You can either begin an exhaustive study of texts by respected authors on the subject if you prefer independent study, or consult with an ethical service provider. Should you choose to consult a reader, then please have at hand as much documentation of incidents that cause you to believe such a curse is in place. Best if you can provide the information by date, city and state of event, name of individual, and of course the incidents that are remarkable enough to suppose there is a supernatural force involved.

    Thank you for reading my blog.

    With best regards,

    Ann George

  3. If you are interested to know more, then please make a list of all incidents that concern you. Then, please call a qualified consultant for personal assistance. I cannot provide that on a blog.

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