I will answer this question in blog format as many people write me about this issue.

“I just need to talk to real person about things happing around my house. I have a child and I am sure this ghost is also a child, about the same age as my daughter. For some reason this ghost wants my child to go with her. I want this thing removed from my home but not sure how to go about it or how cleanse my home. I read something about a sage brush to light and take thru house with windows open not even sure where to get such a thing. Someone please help me !!!!!!!!!!! Im desperate to remove this thing.”

My first reply was a list of links to articles I have already published on my site that are relevant House Blessing, smudging and energy field work in general. Here is that list for your review:
Principles of Energy Healing
House Blessing and Smuding
Disturbances in the Energy Field
My purpose in posting these links is to offer a basic introduction to some of the metaphysic principles concerns like this raise. I wish I could quickly post an answer to this concern.. however the topic itself raises so many issues that I will publish a reply over several posts.
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3 thoughts on “Removing spirits and ghosts from the home.

  1. my friends brother hung himself in their home , he was 18, and now she keeps feeling things touch her nudge her turn on lights. She is creeped out really bad and i wanna help her what can i do or tell her to do???She is only 14 and i’m a friend of her’s mom she talks to me alot about it and only want her healing to start.

    1. Thank you for your question. Ethically, an honest comment poses several problems. The first is that you are writing on behalf of a minor child and are not the parent of that child.

      It seems your first responsibility is to bring this matter the the attention of a family member. It is always possible that counseling, grief therapy or some form of talk therapy will really help the young girl.

      It is of course possible for people to feel the touch of spiritual beings, witness lights being turned on and off, feeling the presence of a deceased love one and be in perfect mental health.

      My first suggestion was not intended to imply that the young girl you are concerned about is mentally unwell.. rather, because of your situation, my intent was to offer the safest & most responsible suggestion.

      As to actions you might take, in this case, prayer is probably your best recourse. Prayers for the deceased are always helpful. If the child’s mother is open to an energy healing treatment for the home this may prove very helpful for all concerned. House blessing ceremonies are available from established religious orders as well as shamanic of energy healers.

      Care should be taken to ensure that the person who performs the blessing/cleansing has the best wishes of the living as well as care for the energy of the dead at heart. Again, the mother or other guardian is really the one who should initiate any energy healing in this matter.

      I send best wishes for peace & healing for everyone involved.

  2. So many factors cause this supernatural phenomenon to take its course in our reality, yet we should never forget to pray for their souls and constantly remind ourselves that they are allowing themselves to be felt. Perhaps a person grieves so strongly towards the loss of a loved one that even their spirits cannot rest. Some people resort to seeking out psychic for some enlightenment and even relaying messages to their loved ones from beyond the grave in hopes of expressing all the things they meant to tell them when they were alive, and finding the peace necessary for them to move on.

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