I recently received an excellent letter from someone interested in ordering a psychic reading. As I think the questions raised are good ones, and the answers of benefit to others, I will publish parts of the letter along with my replies.

Question: “Do you give just a general reading? I have talked to other psychic’s and they did not give a very good reading. It was a lot of could be and possibly, nothing was accurate. ”

My reply: I don’t give general readings as a rule. I am a question specific reader. The rationale for this reading preference is published in another article.

It is my experience that the question you ask influences the answer you receive. The more specific the question, the more likely it is that you will receive an accurate answer. Now, I must qualify this by noting that the most useful questions, those most accurately answered questions, are those about areas of life over which you have some control.

If you are asking for predictions about the behaviors, choices, feelings or future actions of others, these kinds of questions can be accurately answered, but often not as accurately as those questions you might ask about yourself, your choices, your decision and the outcome of your actions.

It is possible for my readers to accurately predict the effect of your actions on others.

As we look to predicting, or “seeing” the outcome of world events, stock markets, wars, famines, and natural disasters, all of these can be forseen, sometimes with what seems to be amazing detail. However, the bigger the picture and the greater number of moving parts, the more difficult it is even for highly experienced professionals to be exceptionally accurate.

I am able to provide accurate answers to questions about matters over which you have some control. For example, the outcome of your decisions, actions, choices, and movements. So, I do give answers to specific questions.

Question: ” How does your service work? What if I make an appointment and something comes up and I cannot contact you at that time, do I lose everything?”

My Reply: I work by appointment. First we schedule your session by phone or email. Once your appointment time is set, you pre-pay for your session using PayPal. If you are unable to keep your appointment, I am happy to reschedule. I strongly prefer that you call to reschedule as soon as you know you can’t keep your appointment.

There is no loss of payment if you need to reschedule. However, I do limit the number of reschedules to two. All sales are final, so I do not give refunds regardless of the outcome of the reading.

Most professional readers will provide an ethics page or a value statement for your review. An article about my values as a professional consultant is on line entitled “My Commitement To You”.

I am fortunate that over the years my clients have taken time to share their testimonials about my services. Another article that many clients find useful, and other readers or their website designers have plagerized often, is called “The benefits of psychic reading.


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