Psychic ReadingsI received an email from a client who asked a very important question. I am reprinting part of that note (edited so as to provide a general question & not to reveal personal information) as a prelude to my reply.

“Three things you told me were the same or very similar to what I have been given by another clairvoyant. Basically I would like to know if the three things that were very similar to what I had been given by the other psychic (who also has a very good reputation) were somehow picked up in my mind / aura/ subconcious, /wishful thinking etc.; or do you think it is because it is confirmation of what I have been given in July in my reading with her? I hope this question is comprehensible and that maybe you could give me a quick reply.”

I feel this question must be answered several times to address all the issues raised. I will begin with what seems the most obvious answer. When two psychics “see” or “predict” the same thing.. this is a very good indication that the information you are receiving is accurate. We must also take the following metaphysical point of view to make this statement valid:

The future is in large part a consequence of actions taken in the past & decisions made in the present. If each psychic is asked about the same matter within a short period of time (that being several weeks.. or perhaps several months) and the client is continuing to live as he or she was when the first reading was given, then it is reasonable that the first future seen will be similar to the second future seen.

It is necessary to clarify the matter of the “information” which is available in the subconscious (picked up in my mind / aura/ subconscious, /wishful thinking etc.) A good reader will be able to “see” or to “know” things that one might think can only be known by oneself. However, this ability does not negate the co-created future each of us makes possible every moment of every day.

It can be said the psychic is reading the Akashic Record.. the great ocean of possibility. One’s hopes and dreams are as much a part of this ocean as are the hopes, dreams and actions of others. Possibilities, opportunities, events and conditons are all in constant interaction.. in play if you will.

I have attempted to publish a fairly comprehensive introduction to the metaphysics of divination in both the Tarot & Psychic sections of my site. More information on this topic is available there. I do welcome questions and helpful comments.


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